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Catalyst One Hundred and Eight – Trish Baldwin – Are you proud of who you are?


Catalyst One Hundred and Seven – Colette Copeland – Honor a family member.


Catalyst One Hundred and Six – Rhian Cooksey Quinton – Where did you grow up?


Catalyst One Hundred and Five – Pam Garrison – Tell a random childhood memory.


Catalyst One Hundred and Four – Jenni Bowlin – What advice do you have for other couples?


Catalyst One Hundred and Three – Tara Whitney – When did you first fall in love?


Catalyst One Hundred and Two – Kara Haupt – What was the worst thing you ever did?


Catalyst One Hundred and One – Mati Rose – What was your childhood like?


Catalyst One Hundred – Teresa McFayden – What’s the highlight of your week?


Catalyst Ninety-Nine – Genevieve Simmonds – What’s something you wish you knew about your parents?


Catalyst Ninety-Eight – Eileen Grobeck – What does your future hold?


Catalyst Ninety-Seven – Dina Wakley – When in life have you felt most alone?


Catalyst Ninety-Six – Merdrey Chew – What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?


Catalyst Ninety-Five – Cheryl Ametewee – What’s something you struggle with?




Catalyst Ninety-Four – Nichole Duenke – What’s something you swore you would never do? Why? Did you do it?


Catalyst Ninety-Three – Stacy Julian – What’s something you really look forward to? (It can be something you look forward to every day, week or just one thing that you’re really looking forward to.)


Catalyst Ninety-Two – Rebecca Sower – If you had to pick one single thing you wanted to do or accomplish before your next birthday, what would it be? What’s stopping you from doing it?


Catalyst Ninety-One – Davinie Fiero – Create art around someone you wish you got along better with.


Catalyst Ninety – Katie Sokoler – What’s something that embarrasses you?

Catalyst Eighty-Nine – Denise Lynnette Andrade – Tell us about a time when you realized you had the answer to something you were struggling with where you least expected.


Catalyst Eighty-Eight – Tracey Clark – What’s the best relationship you’ve had so far? It can be a romantic one, a family member, or a friendship. Why is it so special?


Catalyst Eighty-Seven – Christine Middlecamp – If money weren’t an issue what would you do with your time? (career or otherwise.)


Catalyst Eighty-Six – Christine Mason Miller – Write a letter to your younger self.


Catalyst Eighty-Five – Julie Pritchard – What’s the most daring or scariest thing you’ve ever done?


Catalyst Eighty-Four – Lydie Manche – What’s the best gift you ever gave?


Catalyst Eighty-Three – Linda Warlyn – What’s the one thing you never thought you could do?


Catalyst Eighty-Two – Susan Tuttle – What’s your superpower?


Catalyst Eighty-One – Stephanie Howell – Who’s the person who supports you the most in your life (emotionally and intellectually)?


Catalyst Eighty – Pam Carriker – Tell us about something you cherished as a child. It can be a toy or anything else.


Catalyst Seventy-Nine – Traci Bautista – What’s a family or personal tradition your cherish?


Catalyst Seventy-Eight – Lucy Folch – What’s something you want to accomplish before you die?


Catalyst Seventy-Seven – Gina M Smith – Create art around a time when you had a lot of turmoil and indecision in your life.


Catalyst Seventy-Six – Lisa Kettell – Take the time to create art around something you have been meaning to but haven’t done so yet.


Catalyst Seventy-Five – AnnDenise Anderson – What’s the hardest decision you ever made?


Catalyst Seventy-Four – Karen Michel – Tell us about somethin you feel obligated to do (daily or regularly) why do you feel obligated?


Catalyst Seventy-Three – Tim Holtz – Tell us about a recent ‘dream come true’ it can be big or small as long as it was a dream for you.


Catalyst Seventy-Two – Angela Cartwright – Tell us about your best friend or the effect of friends in your life.


Catalyst Seventy-One – Gigi Kennedy – If I had one day to do over & over, what would I want to do with it?


Catalyst Seventy – Marisa Haedike – What’s the best advice you received that encouraged you to follow your dreams? (or advice you’d give to others so they can follow their dreams)


Catalyst Sixty-Nine – Kimberly Brimhall – What is your favorite thing about where you live?


Catalyst Sixty-Eight – Iris Babao Uy – Did your life turn out how you imagined? why or why not?


Catalyst Sixty-Seven – Melissa Philips – What’s your favorite part about being a woman (or a man)?


Catalyst Sixty-Six – Wendy Vecchi – Create art around someone or something that you still have unfinished business with (something that’s been bothering you for a while.)


Catalyst Sixty-Five – Caroline Lau – Tell us about one thing you’d change about yourself (physical or otherwise).


Catalyst Sixty-Four – Seth Apter – Create art about a time when something that then seemed small happened but then it ended up changing your life.


Catalyst Sixty-Three – Belinda Schneider – Tell us about your perfect day (either one you’ve had or one you imagine).


Catalyst Sixty-Two – Richard Salley – What’s a personality trait you admire/seek in others? Why?


Catalyst Sixty-One – Carla Sonheim – Tell us about something that you always put off doing. Why?


Catalyst Sixty – Jacqueline Newbold – What’s the best vacation you ever had? where was is to and why is it the best?


Catalyst Fifty-Nine – Susan Dupre – Apologize to someone.


Catalyst Fifty-Eight – Linda Albrecht – What’s your favorite word? Why?


Catalyst Fifty-Seven – Karen Russell – Tell us about something that makes you laugh.


Catalyst Fifty-Six – Jennifer Johner – Create art around a mistake. The bigger the more therapeutic.


Catalyst Fifty-Five – Melodee Langworthy – Tell us about a time you felt unconditional love for someone or something


Catalyst Fifty-Four – Cathy Zielske – What’s something you wish you could do (something you know how but are too afraid to try)?


Catalyst Fifty-Three – Jennifer McGuire – Create a piece of art around a memory/occasion that has no photos.


Catalyst Fifty-Two – Teresa Collins – Tell us about something you’ve always wanted to learn.


Catalyst Fifty-One – Alexis Hardy – What’s something you do every day just for yourself (if nothing comes to mind, create the art around what the one thing would be.)


Catalyst Fifty – Jen Crossley – What is some thing that you turn to, to lift you up out of a bad mood?


Catalyst Forty-Nine – Kelly Rae Roberts – Pick a photo that brings up some emotions and create your art around it.


Catalyst Forty-Eight – Ruth Rae – Create art around a secret you’ve been keeping (hidden journaling is fine)


Catalyst Forty-Seven – Misty Mawn – Tell us about the last time you were up all night.


Catalyst Forty-Six – Ranjini Malhotra – What’s your favorite poem? Why?


Catalyst Forty-Five – Anne Le Toux – If you got to write a book/movie/song what would it be about?


Catalyst Forty-Four – Hillary Heidelberg – What’s something about the way you live your life that doesn’t align with who you are (or wish you were)?


Catalyst Forty-Three – Clair Bremner – Tell us about a BIG dream you want to achieve (aim high!)




Catalyst Forty-Two – Judy Wise – What was the best moment of your life (so far)?


Catalyst Forty-One – Danielle Quarmby – What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?


Catalyst Forty – Teesha Moore – What’s a principle you firmly believe?


Catalyst Thirty-Nine – Glenda Miles – What was a dream you had as a child (about your future) did it come true or not? and if it did, was it what you hoped it would be and if it didn’t are you disappointed?


Catalyst Thirty-Eight – Emily Falconbridge – Tell us about something you don’t appreciate enough (something that you take for granted)


Catalyst Thirty-Seven – Danny Gregory – Today you get an extra hour, what will you spend that time on?


Catalyst Thirty-Six – Layle Koncar – Tell us about a time you lied.


Catalyst Thirty-Five – Ali Edwards – What’s your philosophy of life? (tell us a quote that expresses some of it, show us photos from it, express in your own words.)


Catalyst Thirty-Four – Alison Strine – What’s a song that brings back a memory. Write about the memory too.


Catalyst Thirty-Three – Stephanie Lee – If you had unlimited money to buy someone you know something, what would you buy and for whom?


Catalyst Thirty-Two – Melody Ross – What’s your most prized possession?


Catalyst Thirty-One – Stephanie DosReis – What’s a novel that has impacted your life and why?


Catalyst Thirty – Ngaire Bartlam – What’s a decision you made that ended up determining the direction of your life? (it had a strong effect on how your life turned out)


Catalyst Twenty-Nine – Lisa Leonard – Who’s someone you admire/look up to?


Catalyst Twenty-Eight – Jen Worden – What’s a negative behavior or habit you have overcome?


Catalyst Twenty-Seven – Nathalie Kalbach – Create art around a painful memory.


Catalyst Twenty-Six – Christine Adolph – What’s one talent/ability you wish you had?


Catalyst Twenty-Five – Nic Howard – What’s something you fear? (something you’re afraid of or something you’re worried might happen or not happen)


Catalyst Twenty-Four – Chris Cozen – What’s something that inspires you?


Catalyst Twenty-Three – Kris Hurst – What’s something you collect or hoard?


Catalyst Twenty-Two – Becky Novacek – What’s your biggest accomplishment?


Catalyst Twenty-One – Wilna Furstenberg – What’s your first memory of love?


Catalyst Twenty – Mou Saha – How do you feel about your name?


Catalyst Nineteen – Loretta Grayson – Create art around one of your quirks/idiosyncrasies.


Catalyst Eighteen – Amy Cowen – What’s your favorite place in your house, why?


Catalyst Seventeen = Shimelle Laine – What’s the one quality you look for in a romantic partner?


Catalyst Sixteen – Tammy Tutterow – What’s your dream home?


Catalyst Fifteen – Kathy Wasilewski – What’s your happiest memory?


Catalyst Fourteen – Paulette Insall – what’s the one lesson you’d want to teach your children (if you had them)?


Catalyst Thirteen – Kelli Crowe – Thank someone.


Catalyst Twelve – Angie Platten – if you could do something to make a big impact on the world, what would it be?


Catalyst Eleven – Loretta Marvel – What’s your first memory?


Catalyst Ten – Becky Fleck – someone you miss (it could be a childhood friend or a grandparent etc)


Catalyst Nine – Deryn Mentock – What’s something you’re pessimistic about?


Catalyst Eight – Lain Ehmann – What is your guilty pleasure and why does it make you feel guilty?


Catalyst Seven – Rhonna Farrer – what makes you, you?


Catalyst Six – Vivian Bonder – What’s something/someone that really frustrates you (vent but in a therapeutic way)?


Catalyst Five – Lisa Garay – What do you like best about yourself?


Catalyst Four – Dedra Long – What’s something to remember from your childhood?


Catalyst Three – Linda Woods – What’s the best part of today?


Catalyst Two – Kristina Contes – What’s a place you like to go to find your center?


Catalyst One – Tell us about something you lost.


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