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Catalyst Sixty-Three
May 24, 2009, 7:42 am
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As always, thank you to all of our visitors and all the encouraging comments you left for us. For those of you who did, thank you for playing along with us.


Ok! Here’s catalyst number sixty-three:


Tell us about your perfect day (either one you’ve had or one you imagine.)


We’re so excited to have Belinda Schneider as this week’s Guest Artist.


Belinda’s art is absolutely fascinating. Vibrant and intriguing in a way where you cannot stop looking for more and more. She is a true mixed media artist working with all kinds of media from painting to fabric and creates amazing art with each.


She has some amazing tutorials and great freebies that you must check out.


If you’ve never seen her beautiful art make sure to visit her blog.





Here is Belinda’s art with this week’s catalyst. You can click on it to see a larger version and more detail.




Belinda Says:

I always have flowers at home and in my office at work. This week lilies and peonies have been filling my office with natural beauty and a sensational scent. As a momentum I am sending you two pictures I just took with flowers from the bouquet. Although I wear black most of the time, I just love to have color around me.


I picked the perfect day catalyst because I LOVE having perfect days! I’ve had so many already and each and every one has been so different. I don’t have a recipe for just one perfect day but my key ingredients are CREATIVITY – MUSIC – LAUGHTER. A perfect day tomorrow could start with sleeping in, reading a few pages in a book, having brunch with friends, going shopping, doing a nice workout at the gym, cooking a light dinner for friends, going to a rock concert, making art – this sounds like 24 hrs non-stop fun! 🙂


This collage/painting was created on such a perfect day. I slept in on a Sunday morning and when waking up I had the idea of a colorful collaged background in my head. I went into my art room, pulled out my easel, a large canvas, silk paper, glue, turned on some music and and off I went.



Technique Highlight:


First I gathered scraps from various colored silky papers (from flower bouquets and store bought). I randomly glued them onto the large canvas using modge podge, allowing pieces to overlap. (Note: some silk papers bleed, so be careful and use it to your advantage.) Then I had fun turning my canvas around and around trying to discover a pattern or an image. What does the background say? Next I used charcoal to outline my image. One I was happy I used chalks to paint in some areas and to add details and highlights. The buddha curls were very fun to add! I fixed the canvas with a light layer of varnish (important for fixing chalks). Creativity is my therapy, always accompanied with music.



Thank you so much Belinda; we’re so very very honored.



Here are some interpretations of the catalyst from members of our team.



Kimmi Says:

The perfect day for me would be simple as possible. I’d like to sleep in late, have breakfast at Cracker Barrel with BB and T, then head home to play outside with BB and Cassie. Jump on the trampoline, play in the water, all the usual stuff while T bbq’s. Eat lunch outside, picnic style. Go in for the day when BB takes his nap, and scrap for a while. Cook a good dinner, with a good glass of wine and enjoy a movie before BB’s bedtime. Hearing him say his prayers after reading him a book, and getting lots of “hugs and shugs” while tucking him in, then finishing the night off with some alone time with T, and then a hot bath and a good book. A simple, yet perfect day. May 13, 2009.


Technique Highlight:

I included snippets of my journaling on the front side of my layout and added full journaling to the backside of my layout with a few small embellishments.




Karen Says:

There are some days that are meant to be perfect. Like a wedding day, a graduation, a birth, a honeymoon. But then there are those other days that start out absolutely ordinary. Never promising more. On rare occasions, one of these days turn out magnificent. Unexpected. Perfect. Those are the extraordinary moments life is made out of. Joshua Tree was one of those days for me. I will never, ever forget it.


Why is this in a binder?





Severine Says:

My perfect day is a day like THIS day … A day with my daughter, to walk on a park with flowers, to take photos, to have kiss and calins, a day without anger and crisis … A PERFECT DAY.




Christine Says::

As I considered what would make a perfect day, I realized that it wasn’t so much the events that I expected to happen on that day that would make it perfect, but the state of my heart. I have had days when things didn’t turn out as I expected, and yet at the end of the day I could joyfully say that it was what I considered perfect. It was so because I had spent each moment walking with the Lord. Those types of days were filled with a constant abiding in Christ…the continual trusting in Him to provide His grace at each and every moment. By trusting and resting in Him, I had the peace in knowing that all that I did in each situation would be governed by His grace rather than by my flesh. Each relationship in which I was engaged overflowed with the graciousness and love of Christ, reflecting and glorifying Him because in Him and through Him my days, and my life, are made complete. Nothing could be as close to perfect as that to me, and I am so very grateful to the Lord for those types of days!





Larissa Says:

I chose to portray in this Catalyst a beautiful day where my husband, our daughter and I took a walk through tropical woodland with the purpose of walking and having a picnic on the river shore and waterfalls. At the beginning of the walk, my daughter, who loves butterflies, was such in a bad mood that she got to the point where butterflies were ugly, something that she adores. This was the starting point for me to prepare a “star shaped book” with my watercolors and some of my daughter’s own drawings telling this family story. And the story:


In a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, daddy decided to invite the little Bebel to a nice walk through Sao Luis do Paraitinga’s river rapids, thinking that the little girl could enjoy a different day beside nature.

Bebel, delighted with the proposal, put on an all pink flowered dress and happily followed her parents.


When they got there, she got all marveled with the smell of the woods, the noise from the river rapids, the green tones of the tropical woods and, playfully, followed her parents on the walk to the stream.


But Bebel was only a 5 year old girl, still with very short legs and the walk path, although all green and pervaded with flowers, was too long and tiring which was causing her a great irritation.


Isabela was getting a really bad temper.


Her father, wanting to guarantee the success of the program, tried to distract the little girl, telling her:


– Look Bebel, what a beautiful flower!


However, the girl quickly and roughly replied:


– The flower is ugly!


The father, then, very creative, decided to call her attention to a beautiful shinny yellow butterfly which was flying by because he knew that butterflies were his daughter’s favorite insects:


– Look Bebel, what a beautiful butterfly!


The girl, however, quickly and roughly answered:


– The butterfly is ugly!


Realizing that it wouldn’t be easy to please his daughter with that situation, the wise and thoughtful father decided to continue the path in silence, occasionally holding her, soothing her struggle.


=Soon, the “trio” got to a glare in the woods which took them to some stones and a beautiful silver river…


The little girl couldn’t resist soaking her tiny feet on the cold water and, after a picnic on the river shore, she was happy again and full of joy!


The three of them swam on the cold river and laughed out loud of that wonderful touch with nature.


When they decided to retake the path home, however, Bebel got surprised when she realized that the flowers through the path were wilt.


A little ahead, the girl found the same butterfly which saluted them with its presence on the trip, but, the butterfly wasn’t flying anymore, no, she was sullen and downcast.


Bebel, sensitized, asked the butterfly:


– Hey butterfly, what happened to you?


– Well, you made me so sad when you said I was ugly, that I couldn’t even fly whatsoever! And look the flowers around me, they too are resentful!


– Me? But it wasn’t on purpose! I love flowers and I find you so beautiful…I…I wanted to be a butterfly myself! I even told mom that I wanted to be called “Bebel butterfly!”


– But why then did you say I was ugly, the flower was ugly, don’t you know the power of the words? From the moment you said I was ugly, I started to consider myself so dull that my wings simply didn’t have the strength to flap and fly! And the flower, poor little thing, lost her colors and life…she was here only to embellish your path!


– Oh, butterfly, oh flower, I am so sorry! You are beautiful! Please, flourish! Fly! And pour your enchantment over and through the woods again!


– The butterfly and the flower, after some minutes, started understanding the little girl’s words and regaining their strength.


They forgave her and ended up becoming the girl’s friends, cheering with their colorful presences through the remaining path and, when saying goodbye to the girl, they remembered:


– Bebel, don’t forget to always take great care of your words ‘cause words are magic and have the power of changing someone’s life! Never say something in which you don’t believe of!


And the girl, from that day on, understood the power of the words and the importance of being loyal to her thoughts.


That sunny Sunday morning got registered in her memory as the happiest day of her life, ‘cause this day took place in a very enjoyable spot, along with her loving parents and, above all, it was the day where she discovered the power of the words and friendship, starting to appreciate, with a lot more intensity, the beauty of every little pitiful piece of her life path!


In Portuguese:

Numa bela manhã ensolarada de domingo, papai resolveu convidar a pequena Bebel para um delicioso passeio às corredeiras de São Luis de Paraitinga, imaginando que a menininha poderia aproveitar um dia diferente junto à natureza.

Bebel, encantada com a proposta, colocou uma roupinha toda florida e rosa e acompanhou seus pais, muito contente.

Lá chegando, ela ficou maravilhada com o cheiro do mato, o barulho das corredeiras, os tons de verde da mata tropical e, alegremente, acompanhou seus pais na caminhada até o riacho.

Mas Bebel era só uma menininha de cinco anos, de perninhas ainda pequeninas e a trilha da mata, embora toda verdinha e permeada de flores, era muito longa e cansativa e foi lhe causando uma grande irritação.

E Bebel foi ficando muito mal humorada.

O pai, querendo garantir o sucesso da empreitada, tentou distrair a menininha, dizendo-lhe:

– Olhe, Bebel, que flor mais bonita!

A menina, porém, respondeu:

– A flor é feia!
O pai, então, muito criativo, resolveu chamar-lhe a atenção para uma linda borboleta amarela e brilhante que ali passeava, pois sabia que as borboletas eram os insetos preferidos da filha:

– Olhe, Bebel, que borboleta mais linda!

A menina, todavia, respondeu rápida e rispidamente:

– A borboleta é feia!
Percebendo que não seria fácil agradar à filha naquela situação, o sábio e atencioso pai resolveu seguir silencioso pela trilha, garantindo algum colinho para amainar-lhe os esforços.

Logo o trio atingiu um clarão na mata, que os levou a algumas pedras e a um imenso e belíssimo rio prateado…

A menina não resistiu a molhar os pezinhos na água gelada e, após um piquenique à beira da corredeira, estava novamente feliz e radiante de alegria!

Os três nadaram no rio gelado e riram à beça daquele contato maravilhoso com a natureza.

Quando decidiram retomar a trilha para voltar para casa, todavia, qual não foi a surpresa de Bebel ao perceber que as flores do caminho estavam murchas.

Mais à frente, a menina encontrou a mesma borboleta que os brindara com sua presença na ida, só que a borboleta não estava voando, não, ela estava tristonha e cabisbaixa.

Bebel, sensibilizada, perguntou à borboleta:

– Ei, borboleta, o que foi que te aconteceu?

– Ora, bolas, você me deixou tão triste ao dizer que eu sou feia, que eu não mais consigo sequer voar! E olhe as flores ao meu redor, elas também estão tão ressentidas!

– Eu? Mas eu não tive a intenção! Eu adoro as flores e acho você tão bonita… eu…eu mesma queria ser uma borboleta! Eu até já disse à mamãe que eu queria me chamar “Bebel Butterfly”!

– Ué, então por que disse que eu sou feia, por que disse que a flor é feia, você não conhece o poder das palavras? A partir do momento em que você disse que eu sou feia, eu passei a me considerar tão sem graça que minhas asas simplesmente não mais tiveram forças para bater e voar! E a flor, coitada, ela perdeu suas cores e seu viço… ela que estava aqui só para embelezar seu caminho!

– Ó, borboleta, ó flor, me desculpem! Vocês são lindas! Por favor, desabrochem, voem e despejem seu encanto por esta floresta novamente!

A borboleta e a flor, após alguns minutos, foram compreendendo as palavras da menininha e recuperando suas forças.

Desculparam-na e acabaram tornando-se amigas da menina, brindando-a com suas presenças coloridas por todo o resto da trilha e, ao se despedirem da menina, lembraram:

– Bebel, não se esqueça de, sempre, tomar muito cuidado com suas palavras, pois as palavras são mágicas e têm o poder de mudar a vida de alguém! Nunca diga algo em que não acredita!

E a menina, a partir daquele dia, compreendeu o poder das palavras e a importância de ser fiel a seus pensamentos.

Aquele dia ensolarado de domingo ficou registrado em sua memória como o dia mais feliz de sua vida, pois esse dia foi passado num lugar agradável, junto a seus amáveis pais e, acima de tudo, foi o dia em que ela descobriu o poder das palavras e da amizade, passando a apreciar com muito mais ardor a beleza de cada pedacinho ínfimo do caminho de sua vida!





Wendela Says:

My perfect day was a few days ago in Paris!!! I love Paris because we went to Paris on our Honeymoon, how romantic is that…!!! And for now, 1 day we were back with 4 little kids..and of course we went to the Eifel Tower! The background is a little wooden plate from French cheese, the papers I used are from K&Company. And did you see the vintage pin? I bought it on a flea market.




Now it’s your turn: show us your therapeutic art around “Tell us about your perfect day (either one you’ve had or one you imagine.)” I urge you to give it a try. It can be any form of art as long as it speaks to you.


Leave us comments with your work and you will qualify for the RAK we offer to a random participant. If you don’t have a community or blog where you upload photos, you can upload them on our flickr group.



Remember, this is not a competition. If your art makes you feel even a bit better at the end, you’ve won.


Until next week, enjoy each and every moment.




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Fabulous projects, ladies!!

Comment by lucy edson

I’ve always wanted to attend Anahata Katkin’s art retreat in Bali. That would be my idea of the most perfect day. But, since that’s not been possible, I just light a mango candle, put on some Ravi Shakar, and have my own little Balinese art retreat in my studio. Here’s what I made Saturday.

Comment by Alberta

I love your project ideas. One of these days I’m actually going to sit down and do one!!

Thanks for all the inspiration. I love the idea of keeping them all in one book/album.

Comment by Julia

[…] have the time for other challenge blogs, I was delighted about the invitation by Karen from Creative Therapy  a couple of months ago as a guest artist.  What an honor! I picked the theme – Tell us about your […]

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I really love your project ideas.

Your blog inspired me alot. Thank you.

Comment by Lay Hoon

[…] Your Perfect Day […]

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