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Fran Saperstein

Fran Saperstein lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband. Fran has been creative for as long as she can recall. She’s always looked to try new things and never stops experimenting.

These days, Fran spends her time in her Phoenix studio drawing, painting, and collaging. Her favorite media are acrylic paint, paper, and fabric. She often combines them in innovative ways.
Fran has done samples for stamp companies, art and craft manufacturers, and has written freelance articles on stamping, business and art. Much of the other work is catalog work, advertisements, and commissioned work.In the past, Fran has taught and demonstrated products and materials on television, the Internet and at trade shows. Fran also spent four years as the publisher of Magazine.
Fran now spends her time working in her Phoenix home studio. She works on art that comes from her heart. One of her themes is to be an active observer in life, often taking photos of her travels and using them later in her art. In the past few years, Fran began to carry a journal with her everywhere. She draws things and people she sees.
Another theme that runs through Fran’s art are hope and health. Fran lives with a chronic illness and hearing loss. She is a positive person who always searches for the positive side of things. You will see hope and happiness in her art.
Fran keeps a blog and sells her artwork at
Her photos can be seen on her Flickr site at


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