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Catalyst Seven
April 27, 2008, 1:59 pm
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As always, thank you to all of our visitors and all the encouraging comments you left for us. For those of you who did, thank you for playing along with us. We will do a drawing for the RAK and announce the name mid-week. And if you didn’t join us before, we hope you do this time.


Ok! I Here’s catalyst number seven:



What makes you, you?



We’re incredibly excited to have Rhonna Farrer as this week’s Guest Designer.


Are there any words to describe the amazing and talented Rhonna? She’s an inspiration to me daily not just in her art but also in her attitude, kindness, and generosity. I recently took her 21 class and it was one of the things that encouraged me to start this very place. She designs digital and non-digital products, she writes books, and she teaches classes. There’s nothing she can’t do. If you happen to be one of the rare individuals who hasn’t heard much about Rhonna, you can find more about her at her blog.



Rhonna’s art with this catalyst is below and you can click it to see the larger version.




Rhonna Says:

What makes me, me? Life! Love! Family! Love! Art! This is a piece that I did at Art & Soul. When I paint, I feel so free & alive! I experimented with textures, various mediums, patterns & listened to my fave music as I created. I cut out various words to describe what I feel makes me, ME!  This was so fun, thanks so much for letting me be a part of it! 


Thank you so much Rhonna; we’re truly honored.

Here are some interpretations of the catalyst from members of our team. Click on the photos to see the bigger versions.


Christine Says:

So much of who I am is a result of the journey I have taken throughout my life. I truly am not the person I used to be, but I am a much happier and more content person that the one I was before.


This project gives a glimpse of the person I am today and the different things that have influenced me and my life…those things include my faith, the abundant love and blessings that I’ve experienced through the grace of God (even through my seasons of weakness and doubts), and the hopes and dreams that He as fulfilled in His perfect timing.


Included in the process of creating this piece are the thoughts of my family, friends, and the memories that I treasure as a result of my life’s journey. I praise God for all that He has give me in order to come to this place in my life and to be able to create this piece that comes straight from my heart.  




Karan Says:

I sat down one day and tried to think of what I could write that would define me as a person.  I glued this photo down, and started doodling words and phrases and beliefs around it… Then I chalked some, and used stickers and stamps until both pages were filled up.


I like this photo of me.  We were playing in the snow and had just had a big snowball fight…  My clothes were wet and I had stripped down to my tank top… My son snapped these pictures of me from inside the car, and we were laughing because I screamed when snow fell off my hair down my back.  He always laughs at this picture.  He says it was the only time he remembers me playing in the snow with them. 


“Hey mom, there’s one you can put down on your list… Don’t do snow.” Your kids are great reminders of the things you do and don’t do.  If you have trouble defining it, just ask them, they will be very candid with you about it.





Journaling Reads:

what you see is what you get.


that’s me.


i don’t mince words. i am not cruel but i also don’t lie. i have no time to play games. too many people have messed with my head and i refuse to play with yours.


when you get me as a friend, you get a loyal person who will always be honest, kind and generous.


i will not change on you. i will not deceive you. i will not stab you in the back. i only know one way to be and this is it.


it may take a while to get to know me. to see that i truly care. and i really will be there. always.


you may be confused. you may think there’s more under the surface. you may wait anxiously to see what’s really going on.


but it’s really simple with me: what you see is what you get.




Karen Says:

I used the cardboard to emphasize the feeling of being “bare” and the authentic me. I also tore the papers to give the impression that all the layers of me were stripped off and this was the true me.  





Lori Says:

I made this canvas to symbolize what makes me who I am and to remind me of that, when it’s needed. I have a really, really big heart. It gets me in trouble many times because I prefer to see the good in others. I trust. I love. I am compassionate. I am loyal. All of these stem from a big heart. They leave my big heart unprotected at times, which can and has lead to pain. Even so, I will not and cannot change, for if I tried, I would miss out on those rare occasions when having an open, big heart blesses my life with new love, new friendship, and even that eventual pain that leads to growth and self awareness. It makes me, me. 





Journaling Reads:





Fran Says:

Like a tree growing from the rocks of the Grand Canyon, I am a survivor. I work my way past obstacles that might make others sit back and cry. I may not be flourishing with bright green leaves all the time, but I am strong and I can and have survived many challenges through my life. That makes me, me.





Journaling Says:

i could count on 50 fingers the things that make me, me but the one i am most proud of is that i have a soft heart. a heart that feels everything. a heart that gives love as often as it can. a heart that is open, trustworthy, loyal and content. a heart that is not afraid of being emotional or of getting hurt. it is mine and it is open, and for that i am proud.


Now it’s your turn: show us your therapeutic art around “what makes you, you.” Give it a try. Embrace the healing power of art. It can be any form of art as long as it speaks to you. Leave us comments with your work and we will send a RAK to a random participant. You’ll have to link your work by Sunday night, May 4th, midnight PST to qualify for the RAK.


For our RAK for catalyst #7, The Scarlet Lime is very generously donating a May project kit to one participant. This kit is full of amazing goodies and here are a few of the items you will receive:



Remember, this is not a competition. If your art makes you feel even a bit better at the end, you’ve won.


Until next week, enjoy each and every moment.





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O M G !!!! This week has to be one of the most amazing yet! Rhonna, your beautiful art always inspires me sooo much!

Comment by Becky

This is one I HAVE to do!!!!! I so want to do it with something I got for my DT kit but it would be late again!!!!! I had something in mind already to do a pieces of me mini album!!!

Comment by JoEllyn Steele

You guys have all blown me away. again! This week is so darn AMAZING!

Rhonna, thank you so much. Your art is STUNNING. I’m so going to an Art & Soul!

Comment by Lori Gentile

wow, what gorgeous designs here..i love them and that RAK is awesome!!

Comment by Jenn

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I made this the other day before I saw this and thought it was just perfect. What make me me is that I am a total goofball and that I act like a dork at all times! I’m a goofball

Comment by sdrummond201

This is such an inspiring site. And this challenge gives us one of the most inspiring people ever – Rhonna! Wow. Anxious to do this one for myself. Thanks so much for the beautiful inspiration!!!

Comment by Rene

beautiful work!!

Comment by kerry lynn

Another AMAZING week!! And Rhonna’s art work is simply beautiful!!

Comment by Leena

This is an awesome challenge. I really enjoyed doing this because I had to think of positive things which is sometimes hard for you to do! The rak you are offering is so cool!

Comment by Meg

Hi!Great Challenge!Beautiful work!
Here is mine;

Comment by takako

Takako, your family is beautiful and so is your layout! Thanks for sharing it with us! 🙂

Comment by Becky


Comment by JanetB

Totally gorgeous layouts and another great catalyst! Here’s my layout, called ‘Think – write – create’:

Thanks so much for the inspiration!!


Comment by Anna-Karin

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Here is my take on this awesome challenge- thanks so much for this inspiration!

Comment by nat

Here is my entry. Thanks for the catalyst… I needed this! 🙂

Comment by Kelly Shults

I love these layouts.
Everyone did such an awesome job.
Way to go.

Comment by merryheart2

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