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Catalyst Seventy-Three
August 2, 2009, 7:36 am
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As always, thank you to all of our visitors and all the encouraging comments you left for us. For those of you who did, thank you for playing along with us.


Ok! Here’s catalyst number seventy-three:


Tell us about a recent ‘dream come true’ it can be big or small as long as it was a dream for you.


We’re so excited to have Tim Holtz as this week’s Guest Artist.


Does Tim really need an introduction? It took me several years and a lot of persistence to get Tim to agree to guest for us and now that he’s here, I am beyond thrilled.


I don’t even know where to begin. Tim has multiple lines of products from the delicious distress inks, dabbers, and alcohol inks to the stunning idea-ology line. Stickles, crackle paint, and so much more. He also makes stamps, tools, and writes books. But, above all, my favorite thing about Tim is his demos. When you watch him use his products, not only does he make it seem easy but he does it in a way where you actually can repeat it at home and create similar effects. His 12 tags of Christmas from 2007 and 2008 are truly inspiring.


If you haven’t seen Tim’s blog or site you’re truly missing out.





Here is Tim’s art with this week’s catalyst. You can click on it to see a larger version and more detail.




Tim Says:

So when i was asked to participate in this catalyst thing, i wasn’t quite sure if i was up for the challenge. sure, i live my art everyday, but sometimes taking time to “think” about the meanings behind creative thoughts seems to often get overlooked… until now. when i was given this particular one, i knew i had just the thing i wanted to create… funny though since i just said i really don’t think much about the art itself other than the creativity behind it, but this catalyst triggered a moment in time, my time, my dream, and i get to share it all over again. my catalyst: tell us about a recent ‘dream come true’ it can be big or small as long as it was a dream for you.”


people that know me know i’m the ultimate disney fan (or freak if that’s a comfortable term) and i love all things vintage disneyland. i think this place, referred to as the happiest place on earth truly holds magic within its gates. started over 50 years ago by a man with an imagination and creative vision so powerful his ideas, hopes, and dreams still live on today. walt disney was a definite visionary, but even better than that, he didn’t hold on to what other people thought of him or his ideas – he believed in himself. no idea was too great or out of reach. disneyland holds such a special place in my soul. i simply can’t explain it, but when i’m there, even though i’m amongst the thousands of people also trying to take in a bit of disney nostalgia, i feel inspired. inspired to chase my dreams, and truly live the life i’ve imagined – what powerful words.


as a disneyland fanatic going there almost every other month, i have heard the tales of club 33. a members only, money can’t buy, never in your life will you get through the doors kind of club that walt built inside the park to entertain his special guests. this exclusive club has been the banter of many disneyland goers who have shared tales of what’s behind the infamous door with nothing more than the marking of a sign with the numbers 33. stories say this number has no significance at all, but for us fans, the numbers mean a time capsule of walt’s legacy. you see walt passed away before the completion of this club, but its walls are filled with his personal collections and effects along with various furnishings from some of the most famous disney films like mary poppins. okay back to my dream…i’m sure you know where i’m going with this, but i could only hope that someday i would be able to have access to that club, even for just a pass through.


so with the power of the internet i happened to mention it in a blog post just after a trip to disneyland saying that getting behind the infamous club 33 door is definitely the top of my bucket list. i had many comments that post, some who said they’ve been inside, others offered to take me along “next time” and many curious to find out more about it. however one person, yes only one emailed me personally asking me if i seriously wanted to go into the club and if so, she could help. with my heart racing and fingers clicking away on the computer i anxiously accepted her offer. it turned out that a couple of years prior she was my teaching assistant at a CKU and she remembered me because she said i was nice to her. thinking i’m always nice to people i asked her what she meant and she said with all of the people there wanting a “piece of me”, i took the time to make her feel important. so in turn she wanted to do something nice for me – talk about karma!


well words can’t express anything further, on my birthday this year myself along with 3 friends, and my new friends who invited me in the club went through those magical doors and i got to experience a dream i never thought possible. a silly dream to some, but something that will never be topped for as long as i live. dreams do come true, walt believed that, and who am i to say otherwise – i’ve lived mine…



Thank you so much Tim; we’re so very very honored.



Here are some interpretations of the catalyst from members of our team. As you’ll see, the wonderful Iris Babao Uy has joined our team!



Iris Says:

I have recently given up my events management business to be able to take care of my two children. Little did I know that along with the time that I can now spend on my children, I will also be blessed with the opportunity to create pages and projects, and at the same time earn some extra cash along with the pure enjoyment of creating. It has always been my “DREAM JOB” and now I am given the privelege to live that dream.





Larissa Says:

I had always dreamed of going to Venice… to ride in the gondolas… Last July I went there!





Dedra Says:

The catalyst this week was thought invoking and a very deep question. It really made me think about the journey I’m on. The twists and turns and the choices I have made. Each one leading to big and small dreams that have come true for me. Then, how do I pick just one “recent” dream. Most of us have a lot going on these days and I wanted to tell a more detailed account. This lead me to creating an altered book that I will fill up with big and small dreams that have come true for me.


I love that the Creative Therapy catalysts can inspire me to create in a lot of different directions, even altered books. This is the cover for the altered book I will be filling up.




Journaling Reads:

I still remember the first time I read about Big Picture Scrapbooking. I was incredibly inspired by the idea and couldn’t stop thinking about it. A few months later, I was taking a course on accomplishing your dreams and on my list, I wrote down “submit a proposal to BPS.” I had no idea if they took proposals or what I would teach, but I didn’t care, I would find a way to make it happen. As it turns out, they did take proposals and I wrote mine up and sent it over to Stacy. A phone call and a few months later, my class was up and I finally got to accomplish my dream. And, honestly, it was better than I ever could have imagined. I loved writing the course. I loved teaching the course. I loved every bit of it and I am so lucky that I get to do it again and again.





Severine Says:

My recent dream come true it’s my new camera a nikon d90. I have wanted a reflex camera for a long time ago and after some years i saved enough money to buy it.


In French:

J’ai toujours rêver d’avoir un appareil photo numérique reflex et après avoir économiser pendant quelques années, j’ai enfin pu me payer le nikon d90 dont je rêvais.





Kimmi Says:

Having the both of you is having more than I could have ever dreamed of. July 2009.





Lia Says:

When I began scrapbooking, I dreamed of joining the manufacturer ‘DREAM TEAMS’ of the craft. I was in awe of the ‘celebrities’ on the elusive design teams and like any fan, I wanted to be just like my idols. When I joined firstly Maya Road (my favorite chipboard manufacturer), and then Pink Paislee (who does the prettiest papers EVER!) a few months after that, I pinched myself over and over again! I couldn’t believe that I would be welcomed into such incredible teams and amongst such immense talent then, and I still can’t believe it now. It’s been a blessing to have this particular dream come true through these great teams, and the experience will always be a beautiful memory I’ll keep.


I created an ATC for each design team, using some of my favorite products from each manufacturer. If I showcased all of my favorites from these companies, a 12×12 layout would probably not be enough!





Rachel Says:

I created this mini book to house pictures, ticket stubs and memories of a recent dream come true for me. This last March, my husband and I spent our first weekend out of town, just us, since having our daughter four years ago. We spent that weekend going to see my favorite band in concert where Drew had arranged for us to actually meet the band afterwards. We also went to a Spring Training game where we celebrated Drew’s birthday. It was a simply magical weekend, full of wonder and enjoyment of even the simplest things and we look forward to many more like it.


Technique Highlight:

The cover to this book is created from a cover to a hardback book that I had gutted due to water damage. I saved the covers and the connecting fabric spines and assembled a new book for the inside using chipboard, book binding tape and cardstock.





KL Says:

i have learned that sometimes, even when your heart hurts and you are unsure of yourself you need to take a leap of faith. you need to believe in yourself and know that no matter what, you can and are worth anything you desire.


last year i sat on the fence before making a huge decision. i didn’t trust my instincts and follow the path that i knew i should take. i wavered, even when i wanted to follow a new path. but once i sat back and truly listened. once i let my heart lead the way i knew exactly where i needed to be.


sometimes all you have to do is sit back and listen to your heart and let it lead the way.




Now it’s your turn: show us your therapeutic art around “Tell us about a recent ‘dream come true’ it can be big or small as long as it was a dream for you.” I urge you to give it a try. It can be any form of art as long as it speaks to you.


Leave us comments with your work and you will qualify for the RAK we offer to a random participant. If you don’t have a community or blog where you upload photos, you can upload them on our flickr group.



Remember, this is not a competition. If your art makes you feel even a bit better at the end, you’ve won.


Until next week, enjoy each and every moment.



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wow Tim – you are truely inspiring!
Love your mantra, love your work. You’re awesome.

Great catalyst Karen…


Comment by Francesca Di Leo

what a great story, Tim!

I have to think about this catalist. I know my dream, but don’t know how to put in in something creative, because it is all about creativity!! (sounds vaque??!!)

Be blessed!

Comment by Daniëlla

Amazing work everyone & love the stories behind the creations 🙂

Comment by Lynn

amazing works! love them all

Comment by Fryne

When I started blogging, just over a year ago, I had no idea what the purpose of an art blog was. I soon discovered that it’s the relationships that you form based common interests. Then, something amazing happens, and you start to care about these people that you’ve never even met in person, and then, lo and behold, you have new frends. So many of you have much more experience than I do, and I learn so much from you, but, more importantly, I just like sharing things with you: art, experiences, words. This is a dream come true, for me. More about this on my blog today…

Comment by Alberta

Tim is always amazing! And right there to help anyone who needs a nudge or a spotlight! Great site here, will definitely be back to enjoy.

Your Friend in ART,

Comment by Linda Cain

I have recently found your site and love it. Have already linked you to a GF who is struggling with her P365 project and she really thinks that this site will inspire her toward finishing!! 🙂
I have to say that – as much as I love Tim & his products & his talent – I am saddened that it took years of persistence on your part for him to agree to participate. I mean… I know that he’s busy but YEARS? C’mon, Tim… :-/
Thanks again and I will be following you!

Comment by Melissa

thanks for giving us a glimpse of those important moments. Blessings to those who blessed you.

Comment by Penny

OMG Tim…I had no idea about this club 33…however I totally relate about Disney…I mean what a magic place.I love everything vintage from there too.
And you brought the best inspiration inside my heart today!I happy you fullfilled your dream ’cause you inspired me to keep dreamming.
You are the BEST!

Comment by Lucy Folch

Great info. I will use this in my own work.

thank you.


Comment by scrapbook supplies

I was so pumped to see Timmmeeee guesting!! Loovvee his stuff. I got a little carried with my glimmermists but here is my take on this weeks challenge

Comment by Glenda Tkalac

LOVED your story.
You reminded me that so many of my dreams have come true. I used to work for Disney from 92-98 and your words reminded me of how excited I was when I was first hired, each of my promotions, each of my special trips to Disney land, Disney World, including the highest Disney Store Manager award of Around the World where only 12 managers out of about 500 during that time are chosen to spend a week at the Grand Floridian and go behind the scenes each day to amazing special events and the highlight of course was being a character at the end of the week.
You reminded me also of my excitement being chosen to teach at my LSS, Memories Galore in Virginia and sadly or in all reality, you reminded me that I need to work on my next dream come true…..I moved to St. Louis last year and am still trying to fit in and discover my purpose here beyond being a stay at home Mom and creating…..but I guess that truly is my dream come true for today!

Thank you!

Comment by Maureen

I inspired so much in this week catalyst. Thank you to arrange Tim to be this week guest. One of dream had comes true in May too

My other dream is to see Tim in personel :p

Comment by Lay Hoon

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