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Catalyst Fifty-Two
March 8, 2009, 6:26 am
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As always, thank you to all of our visitors and all the encouraging comments you left for us. For those of you who did, thank you for playing along with us.


Ok! Here’s catalyst number fifty-two:


Tell us about something you’ve always wanted to learn.


We’re so thrilled to have Teresa Collins as this week’s Guest Artist.


I have always loved Teresa’s designs and products so I was really excited when I got a chance to meet her at CHA last year.


What I didn’t know then was how incredibly sweet and kind and generous she is. How her husband not only attends CHA with her but spends hours and hours doing make and takes with hundreds of scrapbookers. They are some of the nicest people I met at the show. Now I love her products and her art even more because I can see her wonderful personality in each piece.


If you don’t read Teresa’s blog you’re really missing out because she has a magical way with words and it’s a great opportunity to see the amazing woman behind the beautiful designs. And in the rare chance you’re one of the few who hasn’t seen her products, make sure to check out her site.





Here is Teresa’s art with this week’s catalyst. You can click on it to see a larger version.




Journaling Reads:

In high school, I thought it would be cool to take the required two years of FRENCH- as my Foreign Language. Then at Brigham Young University, I took two more years. My professor could tell that I had a hard time with the pronunciation. I often regret this decision. I wish I had taken Spanish classes instead. I have regretted it for years- I WISH i could understand the language that so many Americans now use- 2/2009


Technique Highlight:

I did an alphabet mask with stickers. I did not like the font used on the stickers so I cut them to be more “me.” Then I used my ink pad – black archival ink- to put ink over the alphabet word. I then peeled the alphabet letters up.



Thank you so much Teresa; we’re so very honored.



Here are some interpretations of the catalyst from members of our team. We have a lot of art this week and you’ll notice another new member on our team, Lucy.



Lucy Says:

This catalyst and my first as a design team member really struck home with me. I am always learning and trying out so many new techniques and then have bits and pieces of projects started all over. One of my goals this year is to put these pieces together and use them in my art work. In this mixed media fiber art, I have combined my first attempts at wire work in the birds nest and then embossed paper beads that have been sitting around for a couple of months. The cheese cloth some hand dyed work from over a year ago! The thing I wish I would learn to do is finish. Complete more artwork… combine more techniques… continue to grow as an artist.




Karen Says:

I’ve always been a worrier. All the time and about everything. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I put a sign over my door that said “give up that there’s something wrong.” and I looked at it every day. Over the last four years, I’ve gone up and down on this. And this year, I’ve decided to put extra focus on achieving peace and letting go of worry. Though, I must admit the relatively rough pregnancy hasn’t helped a lot, I really have been working hard at letting it go. If there’s one thing I’d love to learn, it’s letting go of worry.


Why is this in a binder?


Technique Highlight:

This piece is inspired by the amazing Kelly Rae Roberts. I used several of the techniques she teaches in her book “Taking Flight.” The wings have glitter glue on them that makes them shine and they are made out of wire and tissue paper.





Journaling Reads:

I’ve always wanted to learn how to quilt and crochet…. Making a quilt out of Heather Bailey material would be heavenly…. The thought of being able to create something for my family…. Something that would keep them cozy and warm…. Another piece of me that could be passed down to the next generations of our family…. Maybe someday!!!! 2.28.09




Wendela Says::

What I’ve always wanted to learn is..”to dance like a ballerina girl”. I made this wallhanger with a ballerina image from internet. The background is a piece of currogated cardboard, and I stitched the image on the paper, with my sewing machine, and added that on the fabric and on the cardboard.





Severine Says:

I wanted to learn to be cool, or Zen and have no stress !!!


Technique Highlight:

Canvas, Gesso, old paper book, glimmer mist, ribbon and american craft chipboard.





Kris Says:

I’ve never understood people who are so glad to be done with high school or college. I love learning! I always dream about going back to school for art classes. Fiber arts, painting, sculpting, printmaking, metalwork, jewelry design. You name it, I wanna at least try it. I’m hoping to be able to attend college again soon. When I was in high school I loved languages. I wanted to learn as many as I could and then be an interpreter at the UN. Hey, it was a goal! I still love learning languages. My daughter is taking French and I’m picking some of it up. When my husband was in the military I studied Korean with a friend for a few months and I took 5 years of Spanish during my school days. It’s too hard to pick just one thing I’ve ‘always wanted to learn.’ There are so many things I want to know, so many books to read and so many opportunities to learn. I am a perpetual learner. I pray I never lose that desire.


Technique Highlight:

A simple collage set into a wooden frame with vintage jewelry parts, silver string for a chain and glitter galore.





Larissa Says:

I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw and paint. I had the dream that I would do my own paintings, watercolors and whatever I wanted. When I was a teenager, I started having drawing lessons, but I quit it very soon, so unmotivated. Since then, I just have considered myself as someone who simply didn’t have the talent to draw, someone who simply could not draw.


But one day, about three years or four years ago, I started scrapbooking and I made myself a mental list of things I wanted to learn: to draw, to sew, to photograph, to work on some computer skills… I decided to work these skills gradually and drawing was the first skill I decided to work on. I found an artist who loves teaching and I began my way towards color, lines and my soul.


One year later, I realized I could draw, do watercolor and acrylic paintings.


I’m totally amazed by this new fantastic world that has been opening up in my life. Now I consider myself capable of learning everything I really want, as long as I put some effort on it.


Technique Highlight:

I drew and painted my watercolor background. After highlighting some lines with a dark pen, I worked on the layers for my scrapbooking page.





Debee Says:

I can’t really remember when it really happened. But it for sure was recently. Maybe back a year or 2? I had gotten to the point where I felt like I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. This of course had to come with the same idea as, well, I will TRY my hand at something BUT I have to be honest with myself. I cannot expect perfection the first time around. In comes my wacky desire to learn to sew…and so maybe sewing on paper doesn’t really count. But I still love it. I found a way to express myself with that medium. Then came embroidery…I think I just wanted to see the pretty rainbow of colorful skeins around my studio space. But I tried it and it made me happy. Perfect? Not really. But that was just my first try. Then came this ridiculous idea of crochet. For years I saw my grandmothers’ art and their expression through crochet. Could I possibly learn? I live too far away from one of my grandmothers, and the other has since given up the art due to arthritis. Carpal tunnel and all, I started it. I signed up for my first crochet class stuck in the beginners group along with two 8 year olds and a 10 year old. Great. But that’s not so bad. Afterall, I’m just learning and I’m sure later it will make a great story to tell my kids. They’ll ask, ” Mom who taught you to crochet? Grandma?” Nope. Kiddos. For the sake of learning something new, you have to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. Sit with the 8 year olds and learn something. All the while I’m learning another art form. Another new expression. I cannot wait to see where this takes me.





Christine Says:

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of listening to a musician playing hymns on a harp. Ever since I’ve heard the beautiful melodies, I’ve wanted to learn to play the harp. To me that would be truly heavenly!





Opal Says:

A friend recently told me that I never relax. At first I protested, but realized that she was right. I don’t relax, ever, unless I am in a forced situation, maybe at a spa having a massage…yes, I think that I might relax then. But taking time for myself and relaxing is something I wish I had learned. My role model while growing up was my busy mother. My mom, who had a great many ‘momisms’ for every possible situation in life….would tell me, “Idle hands are the work of the devil.” Her words were gospel truth…and I wanted nothing to do with the devil. I never learned to relax. Through all of my college and working years, my days were shaped by carefully numbered items on a TTD (Things To Do) list. And even now, in my 7th year of retirement, I find great comfort in listing things to be done in a day, and I enjoy a sense of accomplishment when I can check off this task and that one. There just isn’t time to relax.. Thinking about what I would do to relax, I see myself sitting in a rocking chair with a good book or watching the birds in the Madrona tree outside my windows. Maybe I would close my eyes and have a little ‘shut eye’ for a few minutes. My piece shows my rocking chair with a pair of hands trying to relax, but with the image of the devil there trying to do his work. I wish I had learned to relax.




Now it’s your turn: show us your therapeutic art around “Tell us about something you’ve always wanted to learn.” I urge you to give it a try. This was a particularly healing catalyst for our team, I hope it will prove to be that way for you, too. Embrace the healing power of art. It can be any form of art as long as it speaks to you.


Leave us comments with your work and you will qualify for the RAK we offer to a random participant. If you don’t have a community or blog where you upload photos, you can upload them on our flickr group.



Remember, this is not a competition. If your art makes you feel even a bit better at the end, you’ve won.


Until next week, enjoy each and every moment.



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Now I want to go try many new things!! Wonderful inspiration!!

Comment by lucy edson

Learning how to do anything creative has always very exciting to me. For the last year, I’ve spent most of my energy learning to paint. Yesterday, with the help of another artist, I completed my first abstract painting. It’s on my blog, and I hope you like it.

Comment by Alberta

Amazing works, girls!!!!! Welcome, Lucy!!!!

Comment by Larissa

STUNNING work and SO inspirational!!! LUCY, Congratulations! Your work is OFF the charts amazing!!!

Hugs, Michelle @ AMM

Comment by Michelle QUinn

so glad to see you here lucy. you are an inspiration.

Comment by ellen s

Hi! First time participating. Love your challenges! Here’s my blog address with my art journal page called Solitude. That is what I do for myself each day. Be alone in my studio.

Have a great day!

Comment by Bethany

Sorry, wrong place to post. Told you this was my first time! 🙂

Comment by Bethany

Love this site – so inspirational. Here is my LO for this week.

Comment by vivienne

Love everyone’s work 🙂 I’ve created a scrapbook LO about something I’ve always wanted to learn here:

Comment by Lynn

I’ve always wanted to learn how to art journal and I’m now doing it! Here’s my page.

Comment by Bethany

Still loving the prompts! Here’s my effort for this week – a bit of a different interpretation on the prompt, but I loved doing it.

Comment by Anne

Here is my response to this week’s catalyst. How fitting after our trip to the beach!!!!!!

thanks for looking,

Comment by Francesca Di Leo

I Can not believe that the photograpy class has 580 on the wait list!!! WOW Will I ever get to take it???

Comment by Sandra Brown

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