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Hello everyone. I’m Amy Cowen, and I live in the Bay Area. My sons are eight and five. With a background in English and years spent as a web developer, graphic designer, and technical writer, I am a bit all over the place. Currently, I work for a nonprofit devoted to K-12 science literacy. Swirling around in the mix are various creative threads… artist, photographer, knitter, fiber artist, sketcher, journaler, writer. As the voice behind the Creative Mom Podcast, I’ve been learning how to “breathe” as I nurture my creative core and seek balance in my life and an appreciation of the flow of days. It is a creative journey for which there is no map, and finding ways to record and remember is at the heart of much of what I do. My medium these days is ever-shifting as I cycle in and out of forms, but always there is a love of line and color and pattern… even when I am working solely in black and white. In 2008, I began working collaboratively on fiber-based and quilted pieces with Opal Cocke (another Creative Therapy guest artist). There are constantly piles of fabric and projects rich in color scattered about my work spaces, but our work has allowed me to spread my wings in new ways and excites me every day.


You can find me at the following places: Creative Mom Podcast, Here2There Blog, and the Threaded
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I loved your essay on routines. And the picture with it was lovely. It is hard for me to appreciate routines but your piece really helped. An excellent entry.
Warmest regards,

Comment by Lori

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