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Catalyst Eighty-One
September 27, 2009, 7:23 am
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As always, thank you to all of our visitors and all the encouraging comments you left for us. For those of you who did, thank you for playing along with us.


Ok! Here’s catalyst number eighty:


Who’s the person who supports you the most in your life (emotionally and intellectually)?


We’re so excited to have Stephanie Howell as this week’s Guest Artist.


Anyone who’s seen Staphanie’s art shouldn’t be too surprised that we asked her to be a guest here. Stephanie’s layouts are simple, elegant, and always beautifully designed. But what I love the most about her layouts is that they are always meaningful. You can tell she puts a piece of her soul into each one.


I’m not alone in being a fan of Stephanie. Stephanie has been published in Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks, Memory Makers, Scrapbooks Etc., Scrapbook and Cards Today, and Scrapbook Trends magazines. She designs for Lily Bee and Studio Calico and has guest designed for a multitude of wonderful companies.


If you haven’t seen Stephanie’s art, make sure to visit her her blog or her gallery at twopeas.





Here is Stephanie’s art with this week’s catalyst. You can click on it to see a larger version and more detail.




Stephanie Says:

For me, the sentiment behind this layout was a no brainer. when i saw the prompt, i knew immediately who i wanted to write about. my husband, jimmy. he is my world and i wanted to get a bit of how i felt down on paper. these pictures of him were taken at a ranch, and i love that he has let down his guard at the moment i took the photo. he looks truly relaxed. looking at these photos caused a flood of emotion and the words came pouring out. there is more journaling tucked behind the photo mat.



Thank you so much Stephanie; we’re so very very honored.



Here are some interpretations of the catalyst from members of our team. I think this is the first time in eighty weeks every single one of us has chosen the exact same response to a catalyst.



Kimmi Says:

When I started thinking about this challenge, I knew that Travis would be my main subject, but then I realized that I don’t have many…if any.. good recent pictures of us, so I decided to use this snapshot of he and Brayden that I immediately fell in love with when uploading pictures the other night. (I included the orginal photo since you can’t see it all that well in my journal page). Travis is definitely the most supportive person in my life. I feel like I’ve opened up a lot more as a person by being around him all the time. We are complete opposites when it comes to personalities. I am quiet shy and he is-by far-the most outgoing and talkative person I’ve ever met, but I feel more comfortable with him than I ever thought I could be with anyone. He was extremely supportive and patient in the beginning of our relationship and took up the role as Brayden’s stepfather when Bray was just four months old. He supports every major and minor ordeal in my life. Whether it be about Brayden or something as simple as scrapbooking, he is always there and understanding.




Wilna Says:

Without a doubt this person is my biggest source of inspiration and comfort. I think we have been together for so long, that we have shaped each others lives in such a way that no one else can take the credit for who we are. Never in my live has one person so consistently be my support. Not only in my physical necessities, but emotional and especially spiritual. I draw on him everyday. He draws on me everyday. It’s a wonderful beautiful thing. I would take more of him everyday. every month and every year.




Dedra Says:

Well, I know there’s a reason and I know there’s a rhyme.

We were meant to be together.

That’s why….

We can roll with the punches and we can stroll hand in hand.

And when I say it’s forever you understand.

That’s why you’re always in my heart, you’re always on my mind.

but when it all becomes to much you’re never far behind and there’s

no one that comes close to you or could ever take your place.

Cause only you can love me this way. love you always!






Severine Says:

This person is my Husband. It’s THE person who supports me in every situation. 🙂




Journaling Reads:

i thought about this one for a long time. i wanted to make it about someone different. I’d already made so many of these about him. it was getting rather ridiculous but anyone else would just be lie compared to him. he’s the one who’s with me night and day. crazy and sane. success and failure. the wonderfully amazing thing is, i managed to find someone who understands what i do and can support me intellectually. can push me. but also he gets me. he’s there for me when i go dark and become the worst part of me. he’s there when i win and i want to celebrate. he’s not jealous, he’s not scared, he’s not angry. he’s always there. with those arms that wrap around me and envelop me tightly make me feel secure and loved. so loved. how can i choose someone else when he’s the one? there’s no going around the truth. he’s the one.


Technique Highlight:

I got this wonderful idea of scattering the sequins from the amazing Gigi Kennedy. I just love its whimsicalness.





Iris Says:

I’m genuinely thankful for how my husband Bryan has supported me in so many ways. From the time we were sweethearts until know, he has never lost his faith in me. Journaling: Because you never said “you could not”, because you always believed in me, because you knew me better than I knew myself… my genuine thanks to you… for always believing, always having faith, and for always dreaming with me.





Lia Says:

He’s a blessing to me. He gives me strength, he gives me confidence, always believes in me and my capabilities, he laughs with me, he makes me happy …. he completes me.





Anita Says:

When I seen this catalyst I knew RIGHT AWAY my answer to the question, “Who’s the person who supports you the most in your life (emotionally and intellectually)?” My hubby is my best friend! I think that’s why we work together so well. He supports me with everything in my life. He understands me and stands by me no matter what! Journaling says: You have always stood by me, believed in me, even when I didn’t, and stood by me even when others didn’t. I am so glad you have total faith in me.





Michelle Says:

That’s an easy question..Todd, my husband. I am not always an easy person to support, but he stands by me no matter what.





Rachel Says:

He is my rock and my foundation. From the moment we met, he took my breath away and I knew that he was someone truly special. And while I swooned with my giddy school-girl crush day dreams of him being mine, I found my best friend. I found my shoulder to lean on. I found my greatest support and ultimately, my soul mate. He is my number one fan and he inspires me on a daily basis to follow my heart and fulfill my dreams. He never wavers or compromises in his love for me. Like our song says, “You’ll always be my sweet addiction… in this life my saving grace… you’re all that really matters, you know its true… there ain’t no me without you.”




Now it’s your turn: show us your therapeutic art around “Who’s the person who supports you the most in your life (emotionally and intellectually)?” I urge you to give it a try. It can be any form of art as long as it speaks to you.


Leave us comments with your work and you will qualify for the RAK we offer to a random participant. If you don’t have a community or blog where you upload photos, you can upload them on our flickr group.



Remember, this is not a competition. If your art makes you feel even a bit better at the end, you’ve won.


Until next week, enjoy each and every moment.



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all stunning!

Comment by caro

Great work…my best supporters are my Friends in ART…and my hubby.

Comment by Linda Cain

Brilliant creative projects! All so inspiring 🙂

Comment by Lynn

Here’s my creation about my Mum 🙂

Comment by Lynn

Beautiful prompt and beautiful DT work!! Here is mine:

Comment by Glenda Tkalac

I think i might be a little late but I saw this one last night and I had to do it for my dad…He is my best cheerleader..Great promp…thanks…gloria

Comment by gloria

Thanks for the great promp…My special person is my dad so I did a layout on him..thanks gloria

Comment by gloria

I’m so late, but I wanted to show you my layout inspired by this prompt nevertheless *gg*

It’s the first one in this post:

Comment by Sandra

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