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Catalyst One Hundred and Eight
April 7, 2010, 8:00 am
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As always, thank you to all of our visitors and all the encouraging comments you left for us. For those of you who did, thank you for playing along with us.


Ok! Here’s catalyst number one hundred and eight:


Are you proud of who you are?


We’re thrilled to have Trish Baldwin as this week’s Guest Artist.


Here’s a quickie self-bio for Trish from her blog:


Patricia is self taught; painting in mixed media and encaustic for nine years.  Her work has appeared in several gallery shows around central Michigan; her home from 1999-2004, and in Washington, where she now resides. 


Having the good fortune of working from her own studio on site at her home, Patricia is able to play daily with new ideas that incorporate a variety of mediums into her work.  One can find watercolor under encaustic; acrylic as a basis for oil; pastel worked into a watercolor collage.  The nature of her work allows for experimentation and interplay of materials without getting caught up in any limitations of medium, style or discipline.


While keeping her own work in progress, Patricia also teaches workshops and holds demonstrations in the Seattle and Portland area. She will teach through Sitka Center for the Arts in Oregon, ArtFest Port Townsend in Washington, Mendocino Art Center in California as well as through her studio in 2007. She rounds out her life with the raising of her four boys..


If you’ve never seen Trish’s art, make sure to visit her site and blog.





Here is Trish’s art with this week’s catalyst. You can click on it to see a larger version and more detail.




Trish Says:

“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old is gone; the new has begun!” 2 Cor 5:17


I am proud of myself for the first time in my 43 year old life because of this one beautiful fact! Never before has grace found its way through the self inflicted guilt and lacking that I thought was the me I had to be. This verse alone put me right and turned me to the true way of life. It altered my thinking and opened my eyes to what was right in front of me all along. It quite simply tossed guilt to the curb and cracked off the hardened shell that I had created for myself in life!


This concept, this phrase, allowed for the revealing of the beautiful, empowered, grace filled me that God bestowed with a unique purpose. And in this-His graciousness alone-I am so proud of myself. I heard His call to me; sending me on a course to a much better me than even my wildest dreams could conjure. And oh yes-now I am proud. Like never before I can say with utmost confidence and thanksgiving that I am proud of who I am. I encourage you, whatever your spiritual bent, whatever makes your heart sing and give thanks, listen to it and know that you are chosen, you are unique and you are wanted. So much to be proud of.


Technique Highlight:

This piece is indicative of the experimentation and blend of multiple techniques I’ve begun to distinguish myself in. It is a simple Coptic bound book I created that I then dipped repeatedly in natural, good old honeycomb beeswax and embellished. Too much fun marrying mediums!



Here are some interpretations of the catalyst from members of our team.




Amy Says:

Yes. I am proud of myself on many levels. It doesn’t mean there aren’t things I wish I had done differently or could change now and do differently. But I know myself, day by day, even as I continue to change and grow. I am proud of who I am – and have hope for who I am becoming.





Kathryn Says:

This was therapeutic for me. I struggle with my own self worth. I try so hard to be a good person, to be “enough”, but feel I fall short most of the time. I am proud, however, that I never stop striving to be better.


Technique Highlight:

I included “hidden” journaling behind the doily. I wrote in watercolor pencil, and then sprayed it with water, letting it run down the page to obscure the writing.




Karen Says:

There are many accomplishments in my life that make me feel proud but none more so than my two little boys. They are my pride and joy and I will never feel more proud of anything than I feel about the life Jake and I have made together.




Rachel Says:

I am a work in progress, always growing & changing. Trying to be a better me, taking the good with the bad. I want to be authentic, genuine, faithful, kind, fun, loving and full of hope. I am proud that I am continuing the work of being the best person that I can be.


Technique Highlight:

Instead of throwing away the negative chipboard piece left behind from a package of chipboard embellishments, I stashed it away and found the perfect use for it on this layout to add visual interest. I also used a variety of mixed media such as burlap and wood which reminded me of items that you use to build and make things which lent itself well to the theme of my page.





Journaling Reads:

I am on my way to becoming the person that I want to be and that I should be. There have been a lot of hard lessons learned along the way. I am sure that the lessons will never end and that I will always strive to be a better person.





Severine Says:

I’m proud of what i’ve become and what I am and I would do anything to stay myself.


In French:

Je suis fière de ce que je suis devenue et de ce que je suis, et je ferais tout pour rester moi même.





Christine Says:

When I was younger and thought about what type of person I would become when I got older, I never thought that I would be as happy, fulfilled, and content with my life and with who I am as a person today. I can honestly say that who I am is not something that I had set out to become nor was it a goal that I wanted to achieve. In fact, as a young adult, I was concerned that I would not be a good mother, that I would not have a job that I would enjoy, and that I would not find fulfillment in what I did. Yet, by God’s grace, I have been blessed with five precious children who fill my life with joy and have taught me the value of motherhood, I enjoy managing a scrapbooking retreat house that I share with people who also have the same passion for scrapbooking, and my life has been filled with so many wonderful experiences of God’s work than I could have ever imagined!


The verse that I used in my project says, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” – 1 Timothy 6:6


I honestly believe that I have gained so much by understanding and applying this principle while pursuing “righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness” (I Timothy 6:11) in my life.


I give God the credit and thank Him for showing me the way to be a person who enjoys the blessing of receiving all that He provides in His perfect timing. By waiting on Him, He has taught me to be a patient, faithful, and more loving person.


Nothing that I could have planned would have resulted in the life that I now have and the person that I’ve become. It was truly a work of God directing my steps while I followed, and very often fumbled, along the path that He laid before me. It has not been an easy road to follow…I have had to deny so much of what I desired or thought would be right for me. I often cried for mercy and prayed for more of His grace and strength to sustain me so that I could continue to trust Him to provide for all my needs. However, despite how often I wanted to do something else, I can say with thankfulness that He has been faithful to direct my way towards a closer walk with Him which has resulted in experiences that were even better than what I had hoped for. I am truly content and delighted with what I have gained in the lessons that God has taught me in my lifetime, and with the person He has molded me to become.




Karola Says:

I’m not always proud of myself, because nobody is perfect, but when I evaluate my life and life experiences it’s a very important thing, which I am most proud of – the fact that I am a mother. Motherhood changed me very much and showed a completely new and exciting way in my life. I am proud that I am a mom and that is why I did this Lo for my daughter. On the back I wrote to her that she is my biggest pride and joy.



Now it’s your turn: show us your therapeutic art around “Are you proud of who you are?” I urge you to give it a try. It can be any form of art as long as it speaks to you.


Leave us comments with your work so we can share in your creative therapy, too. If you don’t have a community or blog where you upload photos, you can upload them on our flickr group.



Remember, this is not a competition. If your art makes you feel even a bit better at the end, you’ve won.


Until next week, enjoy each and every moment.



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I used to think, “If you really knew me, you wouldn’t like me,” but now I am proud of who I am. I realize that, in spite of my flaws (and they are many!), I’ve always been hopeful. I’ve always believed with all my heart that I could make the best of things. I had to do that so much when I was younger that it became a habit. I believe that we can all make our dreams into a living reality. So I’m a dreamer, and here’s my newest painting “Bring Me A Dream.”

Comment by Kathy

I am proud of who I am. Call me a very late bloomer, but just in the past few years have I discovered I would really like to be an artist! In the process of making art, I am finding new worlds opening up to me! At the same time, I am married to my soul mate and we have adopted our son 7 months ago. Life is GOOD. It is definitely a roller coaster ride but a darn good one at that! :0)

Comment by Denise Livingston

Trish’s piece is quite amazing! So very unique.

Comment by Seth

Really great creations by everyone & all so different 🙂 My LO is on my blog:

Comment by Lynn

Are there any recent catalysts? I don’t seem to be getting them recently. Please keep sending them – they are great for journalling for scrapbooking.

Comment by chicoyne

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