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Catalyst One
March 16, 2008, 10:51 am
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Ok! We’re ready to get started. Here’s catalyst number one:


Something that you lost. It could be something good like weightloss, or terrible like a person, or heartbreaking like a friendship.


Here’s some work from the amazing women in our team. Click on the photos to see the bigger versions.



 Lori Catalyst One 

Journaling Says:

Just like that…Poof! My sense of femininity gone! My left leg has chronic swelling, which means the every day things I took for granted; flip flops, skirts, high heals, dresses, are no longer part of my life. And, though I feel a keen sense of loss, there is, also, healing and love.  




Journaling Says:

Mine is not something I just recently lost. It’s something I lost over 20 years ago. The drawing is of a scale. It’s   a tongue-in-cheek drawing of balance. I journaled around it about how I lost my balance in 1986 and still have not completely regained it. It’s a constant struggle. And, though my loss of balance is literal and physical, I know that I constantly struggle with different kinds of balance in my life –  balance between family and work, balance between my husband and myself, balance with friends, and balance of self-care vs. caring for others, to name a few.  



karen one

Journaling Says:

I am the girl behind the camera. I am the one who takes photos I capture the moments I preserve the memories. There was a time when I was in front of the lens. When I let people take my photo, but now when I see a photo of me I cringe. I see all the flaws all the fat all the ugliness. I lost the ability to see myself clearly. I can’t remember what it felt like to look at the photo and see me. I miss that.




Journaling Says:

I can still remember very clearly 3 years ago when Rainer came home one fine day, looking dejected and I feared for the worst. When he finally said “We lost everything!”, I felt a sharp pain tearing through my heart. We actually lost everything we had. I lost everything, everything that I have worked so hard for. I just felt my tears pouring down my face, crying silently. He hugged me and said “We still have each other and our son. All are not lost.”. That actually stopped me crying. Yes, I still have my family. Even though Rainer’s business failed badly, we lost all of our money but the thought of what was left, my son and my family was what comforted me. After 3 years, our lives couldn’t have been better now. We took a little step each day, we stood by each other and we re-build our lives again. We have weathered the worst and it makes us stronger each day. As for now, we are grateful and thankful we have one another.



Angela Says:
I created this mini book about my little puppy Oscar. He will be 1 March 1st.  This summer i had to put my beagle of 18 years to sleep and he replaced her in a hurry…not an intended hurry but i think divine intervention had it’s hand. It was by one of the serendipitous moments that we found him and I brought him home.  He has been part of our family ever since.
I didn’t realize how much of my heart he stole until i actually lost him. He escaped from our backyard through a malfunctioning gate and was lost for half a day. I cried and cried. I searched in the 22 degree weather for over 2 hours..wandering the neighborhood and knocking on doors. It got dark so i had to stop. I then made posters offering a reward for his return and went to several places nearby to hang on bulletin boards. I came home and sunk into the couch in despair and defeat..there was nothing else i could do until Monday..a whole 36 hours away. It was so sad and I cried so many tears. 
Around 9:30 that evening the phone heart skipped a beat..the boys echoed my thoughts as i ran to the phone…”maybe it is some one calling about the dog” ans sure enough it was..he came home safe and sound~  I cried again..this time tears of joy! this book is the result of this love that i have for my precious little puppy! I ‘lost” my heart to him! 


Now it’s your turn: show us your therapeutic art around “something you lost.” Give it a try. Embrace the healing power of art. Leave us comments with your work and we will send a RAK to a random participant. Remember this is not a competition. If your art makes you feel even a bit better at the end, you’ve won.


Until next week, enjoy each and every moment. 




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Wow, ladies! Such amazing journaling and artwork! What a great start to the blog!

Comment by Lori Gentile

It’s so much more than I imagined! Wow, you girls really poured your hearts out–it’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing! Here’s to a beautiful community of wonderful artists!
Bliss Happens!

Comment by brenda bliss

WOW you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing work! I am so proud of all of you! This is an awesome way to start!

Comment by Becky

What a great site! I saw the link on Two Peas and wanted to check it out…glad I did! Is there any way to subscribe to the blog? Like email notifications when there’s a new blog post? Thanks! 🙂

Comment by Andrea

thanks so much Andrea! Here’s the link to subscribe:

Comment by creativetherapy

This is simply amazing! Great journaling and beautiful work! I’m so proud to be here with you girls!

Comment by Leena

YAY!! What a fun Blog!!! Love all of your work Ladies!!! Good Luck!!!!

Comment by Charlotte Cramer

Wow, these are beautiful! The journaling for each is so special, thanks for sharing.

Comment by Amy Coose

WOW! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! I’ll be back!!

Comment by kandis

Great layouts ladies!!!!

Comment by kimmi

what an awesome site with some awesome ladies!!! love all of your work!

Comment by krista

Just Amazing Karen & Team! I love the catalyst and all of the work. You really have an amazing team here and I’m so excited to join in!

Comment by Meredith Taylor

I love this idea and the concept of this site! Great work. I hope to visit here often!

Comment by Staceymichu

I love your concept as well. Thank you for sharing these special layouts. I h ope I can have the courage to participate!

Comment by Donna L

great layout ladies!! 🙂

Comment by Wati
This is a link to a layout I did about losing my job at ReCollections. I used the Photograph lyrics from Nickelback for journaling. I did this a couple weeks ago and it was very therapeutic!

Comment by Donna L

Donna! This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this and it fits the catalyst perfectly! I am so sorry about your losing your job and so glad this was therapeutic. Looking at your layout made me smile cause you look so happy!

Comment by creativetherapy

I’m basically nosy, and have to check out everything Kris is up to (someone has to keep tabs on her! ;).

Not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. Have to admit it hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks; here’s the fallout—

Thank you, ladies, and keep it up.

Comment by trisha too

what an awesome new challenge! I added Creative Therapy to my blog! will be playing soon!

Comment by JanetB

Trisha, thank you so much for your amazing amazing art and thank you for sharing it with us. it was incredibly moving.

Comment by creativetherapy

What a great site!! Here’s a lo I did that fits this perfectly:

Comment by Anne

loving the energy here. looks awesome. i will be back 🙂

Comment by anam (kihaku)

WOW I am just in awe of the beautiful work you ladies are doing! I can’t wait to do next weeks catalyst, I am nervous now I won’t measure up. YIKES!

Comment by Becky

Here is a layout that I did about the loss of my grandparents…it was so cathartic (sp?) to write what I was feeling – thanks for being the catalyst to show this layout to the world!

Comment by Angie C.

I made this one and it did make me feel better. About friendships lost, and it brought me happiness in the end, too!!!

Comment by JanetB

Janet that is just an amazing story! Thanks for sharing your layout with us:)

Comment by Becky

Here’s one I did about losing a friendship–this blog is AMAZING!!! I’m also planning on doing one about my cousin but I’ve been holding off til I’m “ready”

Comment by JoEllyn Steele

Janet, I commented on your blog, but I also wanted to say it here; i love this layout and i am so glad you reconnected with your friend!

Comment by creativetherapy

thank you so much for your wonderful words JoEllyn, I loved loved your layout and can sadly relate to it so well. I hope you do the one about your cousin as well and that it’s therapeutic for you. If you do, please do come share it with us.

Comment by creativetherapy

JoEllyn, your journaling brings tears to my eyes. I have felt that feeling before too. It’s never to late to repair a broken relationship. She may be feeling the exact same way you are! Thank you for sharing with us!

Comment by Becky

Beautiful site, amazing inspiration. Thank you for sharing the ideas, and even more for sharing some very personal info.

Can’t wait to see more, and to have the time and space to participate!!


Comment by Rene

I am so touched by your work. I saw the post from Fran and stopped by. I am a Christian woman and have realized that the Lord who created everything has gifted us with the ability to create also. I was fortunate to meet a woman who taught me how to worship through art and it has become my mission to encourage others the same. This site speakes to “pure, soul inspired creativity”. You go girls!

Comment by Terisa

It is so interesting to find this post. Though I didn’t create it as part of this cayalyst, at about the same time this posted, I was making art and writing about the anniversary date of my son’s birth/death. Here’s the link to that artwork:

Miracles to all of you!

Comment by Mother Henna

Well I did the one of my cousin but it was a DT assignment so I’m sharing it late…but it’s on today’s blog entry (which is the link for my name)

Thanks for the inspiration and the “kick in the butt” to get t his one done!!!

Comment by JoEllyn Steele

I am reading through these creative catalyst, and I hope it’s okay to go back to the beginning. They’re great. I’ve lost TWO ipods! Honestly, they both went missing on separate occasions when people were working in my house. In both cases, the iPods were in my bedroom. One time I was moving, another time, I left a cleaning service in my house and ran an errand. I have now realized how popular this technology is, and I will not leave workers unattended with anything I own that has the letter “I” in it. They’re easy to take, and people can claim that YOU lost it!

The iDog

Comment by Abby Lanes

Thanks for sharing your heartfelt feelings through art. I loved reading and seeing these. Looking forward to seeing others.

Comment by Cindy

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