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Catalyst Sixteen
June 29, 2008, 8:19 am
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As always, thank you to all of our visitors and all the encouraging comments you left for us. For those of you who did, thank you for playing along with us. We will do a drawing for the RAK and announce the name mid-week. And if you didn’t join us before, we hope you do this time.


Ok! Here’s catalyst number sixteen:


What’s your dream home?


We’re very excited to have Tammy Tutterow as this week’s Guest Artist.


I found Tammy’s blog while I was jumping from site to site and as soon as I saw her art, I knew I had to ask her if she’d be a guest artist. What I love about her art is that she has so much dimension and versatility. Looking at her pieces always surprises me that it’s the same artist. While she certainly has some signature style she can apply it equally well to vintage and altered items and layouts. I just love looking at her art and at all the little details she adds in. Tammy is definitely well established in the scrapbooking industry. She’s taught and continues to teach many classes. She’s also on the design team for Pink Paislee, BasicGrey, Provo Craft, and Therm O Web Adhesives. You must have already seen her art in one of the many places she’s been published but in the tiny chance you haven’t, you can read so much more about Tammy at her blog and I cannot recommend it enough. We are so very, very delighted to have her here.




Tammy’s art with this catalyst is below and you can click it to see the larger version.




Journaling Reads:

A forever home. When I daydream about growing old along side my sweet family it is in this house that I see us laughing and loving and growing older together.


Technique Highlight:

I really love adding dimension to projects and make them very lumpy and bumpy. In addition to a lot of tearing and curling of edges, I like adding dimension by adhering elements with adhesive foam squares. This project is essentially a page, but since is so lumpy, would be hard to put into a book without flattening it a bit. Instead, I mounted the page on a black wall plaque. I picked it up at a local craft store in their clearance section for a couple of dollars. The design on it was scratched up, which was okay with me since I knew I would cover it. The edges were also dinged up a bit, but since I love things shabby and distressed, I thought the wear was a perfect touch.


For my weathered numbers, I used printed chipboard numbers from Prima. They have a newsprint pattern to them. I sanded the surface to remove the slick texture and painted them with Tim Holtz Crackle Paint. After the paint is dry, add a bit of distress ink. When the ink is dry, sand the letter again lightly to expose all of the layers underneath.


I printed my photos on smooth textured cardstock so that they would be easier to sew through and curl and distress. I also like the very matte look of photos printed on cardstock. The color photo, though hard to tell in the project photos, is a photo that was turned into an illustration using PhotoShop. I originally altered the photo for another project but loved the look of it for this project as well. I think the effect adds a dreamy feel to the image.



Thank you so much Tammy; we’re truly honored.


Here are some interpretations of the catalyst from members of our team. Click on the photos to see the bigger versions.


Lori Says::

Oh, I can dream! Yes, I can tell you all the materialist details about the dream home I have in mind, complete with live-in help and a fancy shmancy art studio! I decided it wouldn’t make sense to talk solely about those details if they didn’t include my family and if they came with a financial burden, so for this week, I focused on the non-materialist instead. But, to be sure, I have started a journal with torn out pages from various magazines and books that is sectioned off by room, for quick reference. I may never have sprawling lawns and tennis courts, but I hope to one day have a home decorated exactly to my tastes. One day meaning post little kiddos!


Journaling Reads::

My dream home comes complete with my family. It is paid for in full. It contains laughter and joy, openness and honesty. It’s big enough to be comfortable and small enough to remain close.


Technique Highlight::

I love dimension and layering. This layout is relatively flat, so to make the background papers stand out a bit, I edged them with the pink Heidi Swapp edger (it’s the one that looks like a pink pac man). Then I inked those edges. I did not glue down the outsides of my papers or my chipboard frame, so they would stand off the page and create shadows. The glue is only behind the photo and in the center of each paper.




Vivian Says:

When thinking of ‘my dream home’ I saw it right in front of me – straight away – … a mud brick house with wide verandah’s overlooking the trees and the ocean in the near distance…. Hammocks on the front porch, herb gardens all around as well as lots of native plants which would attract all these beautiful birds who live around here. A large mud brick studio next door for me to play. Dogs running up and cats sleeping in the morning sun. Lots of space around the house for my girls to explore, creeks and bugs and all things good….


But then this feeling came up of wanting to share all this beauty with my friends and – especially – my mum and dad who enjoy nature so much….but that’s simply not possible at this stage. Too many oceans between us and such a lot of travel time to just pop by for a meal or coffee.I have accepted that this is the way it is, but I still dream about different ways…


My dream home is one where I can share my daily life, (those small things I didn’t even think of as important until I missed sharing them as well as larger things, feelings and events) with those I hold dear. But I am torn between this and being in this spot on earth I call my home… no matter how; there always seems to be a missing piece…


Technique Highlight:

i sprayed the picture with water before sanding (to make the sanding easy!) and once dry i coloured in the scratches with metallic water soluble oil pastels to create a shiny blue background. the puzzle pieces represent missing pieces and are spray painted with LuminArte radiant rain misters, which create such an amazing shimmery effect..




Karen Says:

I have many things I dream of when I think of my ideal home. I have a size in mind, a style in mind, and a place in mind. But then I change my mind. I loved New York. I dreamt of living in Tuscany. Over a lake. With a big yard. Several stories. Overlooking the ocean. The places, the sizes, the colors, even the locations change. But the one and only thing that doesn’t change is who’s there with me. Jake and David are my family. Anywhere they are is my home. They are my home.


Journaling Reads:

Each time I look at this photo, I smile and feel a strong sense of peace. It reminds me you two are all I need and want out of life. You are my why. My home.




Fran Says:

It was love at first sight. Dave and I walked into this house in North Phoenix after two days of house-hunting in May of 2005. We had a few “worthy of looking at further”, but nothing that we really loved and could see ourselves in very long. We hate moving, and wanted to find the right place.


At 4 pm, after seeing over 45 homes in two days, our realtor took us to this final house. It had just opened up at 2 pm during the real estate bubble. We fell in love. Both of us. We immediately chose the room that would be my studio, adored the master bedroom and bath, and about fainted at the back “yard” that looks like a resort. It was and remains our dream home.


Dave and I have lived in many homes over the years. And, honestly, wherever we’ve lived, it has been our favorite at the time. But this house has given us all the space we want for friends and family to visit while providing us with enough space to be together but not on top of each other. My dream home is our home.




Amélie Says:

Here is my ideal home. For me it’s a friendly place where there should have children, animals and sun.





Leena Says:

As a child, I grew up in a home located just by the sea. I remembered clearly that everyday I would go to the beach with my spade and dig for sea shells, stones and whatever things that got washed up to the shore. I live a dream now that maybe one, I would have a home right in front of the sea again. I would love to have a beautiful view of the sea that I could just sit right there, looking at the sun rises and sets everyday. I would live and hope someday I would awaken to my dream home.


Technique Highlight:

I layered my layout with different papers, sanding and distressing them. As for the photos, I printed them out from a stock of photos of homes that has beautiful sea view. I embellished the page with crystals and flowers to soften the look. I incorporated my title into part of my journaling with letter stickers & chipboards.




KL Says:

my dream home. i always thought that it would be a big house with a wrap around porch and lovely found vintage things, but in reality it isn’t. it isn’t “things” that make my dream home perfect. it’s me. it’s my family. it’s my two children and my husband. it’s the life we live on a daily basis. that is all i need for a dream home, which is why the maya angelou quote speaks to me. beacuse to me, a dream home it’s where you hang your heart.


Journaling Reads:

i long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever i find myself. – maya angelou


Technique Highlight:

i am really discovering that i adore art journaling with a whimsical crafty feel. i used strips of pattern paper {october afternoon} with matte gel medium and then painted it with layers of gesso for a white washed look. and of course, i can’t create without little bits of vintage




Severine Says:

In my dream house there is …

A beautiful front door in wood

Nice old furniture

And a wood stove

But also a foot bath

And a garden with a brench in wrought iron

And then the deck to rest …

but there is above all my family.


In French:

Dans la maison de mes rêves, il y a …

Une belle porte d’entrée en bois

De jolis meubles d’autrefois

Et un poêle à bois

Mais aussi une baignoire à pied

Et un jardin avec un banc en fer forgé

Et puis des transats pour se reposer …

mais il y a surtout ma FAMILLE.


Technique Highlight:

The background was made with blue paint, gesso and distress re-inker in blue and orange. I stuck photos that I found in magazines an applied gesso with a credit card around. To finish I applied distress vintage with the cut’n dry to the entire page.




Journaling Reads:

I believe a home is not a physical thing but an emotional thing. My dream home is a happy home. One with all my children. Happy children! No controversy, no hatred, one that is not affected by the world outside, one that is only consumed by the love of God. I only pray that my children will grow up to have a home filled with love, honor, hope, and God-fearing families also!




Brenda Says:

i don’t think i would care where or what my dream home was–just as long as i could look out the window and see the ocean……….the ocean is so very important to me. it heals my soul, fills my heart with joy, and smells divine! this is a fabric scrap book cover that i made so that i may fill it with locations, decorating tips, recipes….everything ocean themed so that i might manifest my dream……………to look out the window of my home and see the beautiful sea!



Now it’s your turn: show us your therapeutic art around “What’s your dream home?” I urge you to give it a try. Embrace the healing power of art. It can be any form of art as long as it speaks to you. Leave us comments with your work and we will send a RAK to a random participant. You’ll have to link your work by Sunday night, July 6th, midnight PST to qualify for the RAK. If you don’t have a community or blog where you upload photos, you can upload them on our flickr group.


For our RAK for catalyst #16, we are thrilled to be giving away beautiful products from our sponsor: Maya Road. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in the RAK:




Remember, this is not a competition. If your art makes you feel even a bit better at the end, you’ve won.


Until next week, enjoy each and every moment.



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What an awesome week! You ladies all did such a wonderful take on this week’s catalyst!

Comment by Lori Gentile

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This week is amazing! Beautiful work by everyone!

Comment by Leena

Absolutely beautiful..cant wait to tuck in to this one…

Comment by Deb Godley

You are some creative ladies. I enjoy stopping in here each week to see the creativity. Keep it up!

Comment by Melanie S.

I love this new challenge but really love all your creations!! I think this may be my new challenge thread….thanks so much!!!

Comment by Diana

OMGosh,you guys nailed this catalyst !! Everyone’s creations are just gorgeous. I the different takes on this idea, it’s so fun to read everyone’s dreams!

Comment by Becky

beautiful sentiments this week… thank you!

Comment by vivian

Love this catalyst! I’ve often thought about my dream house but never out in on paper!

Comment by Jenni

Love this challenge it inspired me to this minialbum – our home is perfect right now.

Comment by nat

I can’t say it enough. You guys are so inspiring. And I’ll try to play along again this week.

Comment by Melissa in Louisiana

here’s my take:

thanks for the inspiration

Comment by hilde janbroers

Everyones work is so amaizing! Such inspiration here!
Here is mine. Its more of a hangy thing than a scrapbook page. You open the window flaps to show pictures of my sons.

Comment by Jenni

Amazing work…really original ideas! Here is my contribution–thanks for the great catalyst!

Comment by craftylyra

great challenge! love what everybody has done!

here is my take on it:


Comment by Christine Villacarlos

Here’s my art journal page this week:

Comment by Casey

My take on this week’s catalyst. A real eye-opener. Thanks for this one.

Comment by Melissa in Louisiana

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Here a link to Our Dream Home:

I thanks for the fun.

Comment by Lynda

Wow I love everyones differents takes on this Catalyst.Great creative everyone!!

Comment by Lynda

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