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Catalyst Five
April 13, 2008, 6:20 pm
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As always, thank you to all of our visitors and all the encouraging comments you left for us. For those of you who did, thank you for playing along with us. We will do a drawing for the RAK and announce the name mid-week. And if you didn’t join us before, we hope you do this time.


Ok! It’s time for catalyst number five:


What you like best about yourself.


We’re incredibly honored to have Lisa Garay as this week’s Guest Designer.


When I look at Lisa’s art the first word that comes to my mind is “happy.” Her art is so colorful, so wonderful that it always makes me happy. Her use of color and ability to mix great embellishments always leaves me in awe. If you haven’t seen Lisa’s work before, make sure you take a look at her blog. Her layouts are always unique and creative. You can also see more of Lisa’s portfolio at Scrap in Style TV where she’s a fashionista.


Lisa’s art with this catalyst is below and you can click it to see the larger version.



Journaling says:

I am not…punctual…easily influenced…carnivorous…ruthless…shy…& I am ok with that!


Lisa Says:

When i was trying to think about what i loved about myself, all i could think of was the things/traits that i am not…and that i do love that i am not these things. that is what this layout is about. I cut up words & definitions from a vintage dictionary for part of my journaling.


Thank you so much Lisa, we’re truly honored.



Here are some interpretations of the catalyst from members of our team. Click on the photos to see the bigger versions.




Journaling Says:

There aren’t many things I like about myself but I will always cherish my ability to love people in an endless and unbounded way. When I love someone, even if just a friend, I give that person 100% of myself. I am always there and will always do anything needed. My capacity for love is my very favorite thing in the word.





Journaling Says:

I always make lemons into lemonade. Life has thrown me many curves, as it does for many people. I  work hard to be strong and to maintain a positive attitude and try to find something good in all that happens. For example, I have a chronic illness that is sometimes disabling; however, it has brought me more time with my art. By finding the positive in life, I enjoy it more.






Leena Says:

While I was doing up this piece of layout, I wanted my words to be big and bold, instead of the usual journaling. So, I made up all the things I like best about myself in big letters on top of my papers. And when I look at it, I’m happy that it turned out just the way I wanted it to describe about myself.






Journaling Says:

The one thing that i have been able to count on never changing, no matter how old i get, how fluffy i get or what ever hairstyle I decide to wear, I ALWAYS have my sunny smile!! I love my smile. It is the best thing about me~




Lori Says:

It’s not easy to think about the positive things about oneself. The negative ones are always so much easier to list and believe. I decided to do my page on what I like best about myself, as a list of attributes in the third person. She’s quick to laugh, willing to say “I don’t know”, she loves to learn, is strongly loyal, not too serious, seeks out joy, and she gets involved in her life. I’m finally at that point where I’m willing to just be me and to no longer sit on the sidelines watching my life pass me by. I like this best about me, right now. 





Anita Says:

I choose to scrap the best thing about me and that would be my children.  They come from the better part of me.  I believe that I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for them.  I try everyday to teach and help them to strive to be better people, even better people than I could hope to be. 




Karan Says:

The two things I like best about myself are my face, and my sense of humor. Both are very expressive. I have a loud laugh, a toothy grin, and big expressive eyes. My sense of humor has helped me through many difficult times in my life. My favorite song by Mary Chapin Carpenter says “I can cry until I laugh, and laugh until I cry.” That is me. Extremes of emotions. I feel things very deeply. I cry at everything, sad or touching stories, TV commercials, songs. Sometimes when I am talking about someone I care deeply for I will well up with emotion. We even rate how good a movie is by how many tissues I use while watching it. My family is used to me and my emotional episodes. When I was a kid, I was labeled a drama queen… then it was shortened to Queenie.

I say whatever. I got it from my mom and she got it from hers. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is inconvenient at times, like when I start crying in public and make someone uncomfortable, but I am used to it now. I can play it off with a joke, and usually defuse it with a funny comment. I like it that I can be myself. My kids know I am like this. My daughter Kayleigh has told me since she was in Kindergarten that it is OK to cry. “That just means that your heart is so full of love Mommy, that sometimes it just has to bubble out through your eyes.”



Now it’s your turn: show us your therapeutic art around “what you like best about yourself.” Give it a try. Embrace the healing power of art. It can be any form of art as long as it speaks to you. Leave us comments with your work and we will send a RAK to a random participant. You’ll have to link your work by Sunday night, April 20th, midnight PST to qualify for the RAK.


For our RAK for catalyst #5, Coordinates Collections is very generously donating an April kit to one participant. Even more generously, they are letting you have your choice of the two kits that are available.



Remember, this is not a competition. If your art makes you feel even a bit better at the end, you’ve won.


Until next week, enjoy each and every moment.






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Wow, ladies! This is an amazing week!

Lisa, thank you! Your layout is brilliant. I love your take!

Comment by Lori Gentile

Girls these are AMAZING!!

Comment by kimmi

I love every ones work.. It is very inspiring. Cant wait to do this Catalyst…

Comment by Jennifer (Jennsue)

These are fabulous – and so different. Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Lara Cousins

I’m as surprised as anyone about how this one came out 🙂



Comment by Mother Henna

These are all wonderful depictions of what makes me happy…but Fran’s is really speaking to me!!! I’m off to create!

Comment by Sherry

That’s a great catalyst!!!! I REALLY hope I have time to participate this week!!! Time keeps getting away from me!

Comment by JoEllyn Steele

Awesome work by everyone!!

Comment by Greta

This is an awesome catalyst! I’m off to do a layout!

Comment by Meg

Great job ladies!! You’re work is so inpsiring!!


Comment by PattiHutch

Beautiful work, ladies! It’s so nice to see each of your different styles expressed in your art and in your journaling…what a great way to know more about you all! 🙂

Comment by Christine

Ohhh I LOVE this week !! I am a huge fan of Lisa’s too! 🙂 Thanks for guesting Lisa !! 😉 Gorgeous work everyone!

Comment by Becky

mother henna, i left a comment on your blog, but i also wanted to say here that your entry made me cry. it’s so absolutely beautiful and i am so honored and thankful that you’re participating and sharing your art with us. it’s amazing. thank you.

Comment by creativetherapy

I LOVE what the girls did this week!! I am on this! love these kits!

Comment by JanetB

Loved this topic.. Its always nice to recognize the good parts of who we are.
Here is my take.

Comment by Jennifer (Jennsue)

This was a cool topic! I have posted my take at under Catalyst 5….Thanks for the experience!!

Comment by Meg

I’m sorry, I also posted it to my blog at … Thanks again!

Comment by Meg

Okay, I’m in again this week. This is so much fun and I agree, it is nice to focus on the good parts of ourselves. Check out my take on this week’s catalyst.

Comment by Melissa

mine is different…:)

Comment by teri

Beautiful layouts! When I first saw the challenge, I had no idea of what to do my layout about, which makes me even happier for having done this layout. Here’s my layout:

Thanks so much for the challenge!


Comment by Anna-Karin

What a great challenge! Here’s mine:

Comment by Jen Martakis

Holy smokes ladies! Your work is just amazing!Thank you so much for sharing with us each week, it’s really inspiring to me!

Comment by Becky

This was a great challenge and I had a wonderful time participating! 🙂,,,,31574,,78054
Thanks a bunch! 🙂

Comment by Kelly Shults

Kelly I love what you did!! Absolutely beautiful! thank you for sharing!

And Jen, Teri, Melissa, Meg, Jennifer, and Anna-Karin, I already commented on your layouts at your site but I wanted to thank you and acknowledge you here too!

Comment by creativetherapy

I love looking at everyone’s creations–thank you for the challenges, and thanks to everyone for sharing!

Here’s what I made (it ended up being two somethings, since the daughter called “dibs” on the first one.)

Comment by trisha too

trish! that is absolutely amazing!! I LOVED what you did!! thank you so so much for sharing!

Comment by creativetherapy

thank you for the challenge as always.

Comment by Sherry

Better late than never! Another fantastic challenge this week! Here is my take on it (Behind This Smile):

Comment by Staceymichu

Oops, actually-I don’t think I am late! Wish we could edit our comments sometimes! LOL!

Comment by Staceymichu

here’s my take on this challenge – i just found your blog! my first and last ever triathlon, but i was so proud of what i had achieved, once i had made it a goal.

Comment by sue bull

I used the letters in my name to form an acrostic poem. The puzzle pieces represent all the little things that come together to make a person whole. Tried using an exacto knife for the first time…still learning 🙂

Comment by Amanda N.

Hi everyone–here is a link for Becky (hi,Becky!) and others who might want to try their hand at the bamboo tiles:

Angie has a wonderful tutorial, and some great examples on her site and in her Etsy shop.

Comment by trisha too

Ohh THANK YOU Trisha !!!! I am off to check it out !!

Comment by Becky

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