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Vivian Bonder

Hi – I’m Vivian Bonder. I live with my 2 gorgeous girls and my best buddy in Perth, Western Australia. To me, creating is definitely a way to find balance within myself as well as within the larger whole… Both creating and balance are basic needs for me, and because I live quite a busy life being a mum and all that I am constantly searching for balance in everything I do and everything I see.

Having always had the need to create I combined my passions for photography, stationery and writing together in scrapbooking in 2003. My ‘professional’ work as a “scrapbooker” has been published in the Dutch CmF and since 2 years I have been a regular contributor to the Australian Scrapbook Creations. Always trying to push my own boundaries I am now ready to pursue my own dream and passion in creating visual Art Journals as well as teaching Art Journal classes.

I am very excited and honoured to have been asked to join the team at creative Therapy and hope to be able to inspire you to create and get stuff out of your system!

You can find more of my art here:

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