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Leena Loh

Hi there! My name is Leena, I’m a mother to a wonderful 4 years old boy, Ethan and I’m married to my best friend Rainer of 7 years. My 2 lovely “girls”, both are Jack Russell Terriers, Belle & Piggie have been our best companion for years & they’re very much part of my family! 
When I started scrapbooking seriously in early 2007, I just fell in love with all the wonderful SB things that can offer! I’m so passionate about scrapbooking that I’m always scouring for inspiration through my family, friends and my surroundings. They are truly supportive of my interest in scrapbooking, especially my dear hubby. 
Scrapbooking has given me the pleasure of relieving myself from a hard 
day at work. It has also given me the opportunity to bring out the 
creative side of me which I never knew I had. My years of traveling in my early years have also given me tons of inspiration I need to pursue
my interest. 
Besides scrapbooking, I spend the best part of my time reading, learning photography, inline skating, spending time with my family & hanging out with my friends. 
You can read more about me at my blog 



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