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Angela Hoffman

I am Angela Hoffmann, I have a wonderful man that I have been with for 12 years now, He supports all of my creative endeavors and hairbrained!!!…we have 3 little boys together and I have 3 big kids from my first marriage…so i have been busy for the last 23 years.  In my spare time I have always filled it with something creative.  It all started with sewing, then on to quilting, decorative painting, stamping, mixed media and altered arts,beading,DIY home improvement, gardening…i love my hostas! and one of the more recent; scrapbooking …to name a few, there are very few things now, that i have not dabbled! 

I am basically a stay at home mom of the 3 little ones that are still home, but i do design papers for a scrapbooking paper company called Dream Street Papers. I have been published in Somerset Studio magazine a few times and occasionally teach.  This year i have decided it was a year to nurture my inner child.  I had a super busy, cram packed year last year and it wore me out…so now i am slowing down a bit and taking a look inside.  I have ceased almost all got to the point I had something swap related going on all the time..and I felt like a machine pumping stuff out.  I want to only do things that mean something to me.  Therefore this group really resonated with me..a deeper look!~ I want to retain that joy that I have and celebrate life~  My newest inner child splurge and now obsession is playing with Blythe dolls.  They are made on the other side of the earth so it is an investment..but my baby girl inside has been singing~  To me that is what life should be about..happiness and joy~ Life is fun and I plan on finding it all! 


So now you know A LOT more about me…i can ramble at times…so bear with me~  




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