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Catalyst One Hundred and Eighteen
August 18, 2010, 7:00 am
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As always, thank you to all of our visitors and all the encouraging comments you left for us. For those of you who did, thank you for playing along with us.


Ok! Here’s catalyst number one hundred and eighteen:


What is your daily routine?


We’re thrilled to have Jessica Sprague as this week’s Guest Artist.


Here’s a quickie self-bio for Jessica:


Jessica Sprague has been teaching crafters how to use their computers to tell their stories, edit their photos, and make beautiful projects since 2005. A winner of both the Memory Makers Masters and Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contests in 2006, she went on to become a contributing editor to Creating Keepsakes magazine. She wrote a monthly Computer Tricks column in CK for two years, and is the author of four books: Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking, Vols 1-3, and the book Stories in Hand: Crafting Your Lifestory due out in 2010 through Northridge Media. She teaches online classes at her web site,, and lives in North Carolina with her family


Make sure to check out Jessica’s blog and website.




Here is Jessica’s art with this week’s catalyst. You can click on it to see a larger version.




Jessica Says:

I was thinking about my daily schedule and wondering what I should do. I realized that I sometimes have some resentment toward a few scheduled things in my life, and so I directed my artwork toward the idea of time and how it’s spent. In reality, everything I do – even mundane or boring or annoying things – is ultimately done because of love. If I can spend my “coin of time” with that love more present, I can feel better about how my days go.



Here are some interpretations of the catalyst from members of our team.




Larissa Says:

My life is full of activities and obligations. During the week, I´m always busy working, going places, buying stuff, scrapbooking. I usually wake up at six o´clock (sometimes earlier) and I get up one minute later. I help my daughter and we have breakfast. I drive her to school then I go to the Gym or to another class (I take photography, drawing and computer ilustration courses). Then it´s time to go to work. At the end of the day, after picking my daughter up at school, we go home. I have dinner, do scrapbooking and finaly, at 10 o´clock, I go to bed.





Lori Says:

1. Make Coffee 2. Check Email 3. Take a Shower 4. Start the Day. The only strictly followed routine of the day are the top three. I stay flexible on the rest.





Dina Says:

Because I am so right-brained, I tend to resist routines. They really don’t come naturally to me. Every day is different except for one thing…I get up, drink a diet Coke, and read my email.




Journaling Reads:

5-5:30am: Nathaniel wakes up right around now. Most days Jake’s already on his way to work so I rush into Nathaniel’s room and try to get him before David wakes up. We then go downstairs and I struggle to wake up while I nurse him. I might watch some TV or check my mail while I nurse.


6:30am: David comes down sometime between 5:30 and 6am and by 6:30, I am fully awake and lately I’ve begun regularly working on some sort of creative project so I get the kids set up with breakfast and sit at my table. Nathaniel eats some bread, cereal, or graham crackers with cheese and a banana. David eats oatmeal and sometimes a fruit, too. I might be scrapping, sewing, crocheting, or painting. I work at this feverishly for about an hour or hour and a half, taking a break to get Nathaniel down from his high chair so he can walk around and play with duplos or David’s toys.


8am: When David had school, this is when he’d start getting ready but school’s over now and Kindergarten hasn’t started yet so they just keep playing until I’m done with my project or until Nathaniel is whining cause he’s really tired. I then put Nathaniel down and clean up around the kitchen a bit while I make my coffee. When it’s ready, it’s officially quiet time. David plays legos quietly while I drink my Cafe Francais and eat my graham crackers. I might check more mail, read blogs, message boards, or read my book.


9am: I officially start work. I check my mail, start triaging issues and go back and forth between tasks until Nathaniel wakes up. Once he’s awake, we hug a little and make sure he’s calm and then he plays alone or with David while I work some more.


12pm: Time for lunch. Nathaniel eats veggies mixed with yogurt, and cereal. David has his green beans and maybe meatballs. I might or might not eat lunch. Generally I at least grab a banana. After lunch we play together for a bit and then I clean up and get back to work. The kids play together, laugh, and make a lot of noise. I might or might not put Nathaniel down for a second nap depending on what time he woke up from his morning nap.


4pm: Time to start dinner for the kids. David eats a cinnamon raisin bagel and yogurt. Nathaniel has more veggies, fruit, oatmeal or bread and some cheese or yogurt. For now, he’s more interested in trying new foods than David is. Tonight we tried beets and he liked them. After dinner it’s bathtime, books, getting dressed, and nursing. David is there, too, and makes noises and entertains Nathaniel and they peek behind the curtain together.


6pm: The kids are in bed. Nathaniel is likely sleeping and David’s playing with legos in his room. He tells me his two things he’s grateful for and then I give him a hug and a kiss. He goes to sleep somewhere between 6:30 and 8pm.


6:30pm: I put another cup of coffee, grab some snack on the go and it’s time to process my photos from the day. I then post my Daily Diary entry and write about my day on my blog. I write 3 things I’m grateful for and 2 things David’s grateful for. Then it’s time for the second art project of the day. Right now I am making all the catalysts that are scheduled to come up for the rest of the year.


8pm: Once the art is done, I generally surf a bit, read a bit and then it’s time to go to bed. I go upstairs and kiss David and fix his covers. I turn of Nathaniel’s video monitor and go to bed. Jake might or might not join me depending on when he’s getting up the next day. I struggle to fall asleep and then I wake up and do the whole thing over again. Gratefully and lovingly.




Amy Says:

I believe in routines. If left to my own devices, I am a willing creature of habit. I enjoy the boundaries and predictability of routines — at least the ones I choose. When I look at the routine of my days, it is very easy to map the flow of each day, many of them marked by very clear tasks and duties, most dictated by my roles as parent, mediator, chauffeur, cook, housekeeper, entertainer, and employee. In addition to the blocks that make up the framework of most days, there are other slivers of this and that which get slotted in, interchangeable in some cases, variable with the day of the week. And then, in the margins and in between even the threads, there are the few wild cards, the moments that are sometimes mine. I envisioned doing this piece differently, but as I thought about the routines that shape my days right now, I saw what sometimes feels like the teeter of elements that make each day and the way those elements — the routines which shape and guide each day — flow into a fabric stitched into memory — a string of days in a life lived.





Anna Says:

My daily routine is pretty different everyday, because I start work at different hours everyday, and work long hours very often. One thing is unchangeable though – I drink lots of black tea, cup after cup, usually up to 8-10 cups a day, even late in the evening. I now it’s my addiction, but I really don’t care;)





Karola Says:

Sometimes I think I am really lucky girl! Most of my day I spent with papers and scissors! Since I started designing professionally – I decided to focus on my scrapbooking work. My daily routine is just cutting and gluing papers, new projects, ideas, sketches … I work for so many DT’s for now, so that every day I have something interesting to do. Definitely do not know what boredom is! This time I made the wall (or door) hanger for scraproom.





Severine Says:

My daily routine it’s to remember every day chance I have to love these beautiful people.





Opal Says:

My piece for this catalyst expresses my thoughts about my daily routine before and after retirement. When I worked, my days were outlined by calendars, lesson plan books, and clocks. After I retired, my days, well yes, they are quite different. I’m sure you will be able to identify which is my current daily routine. “Routine” is hand stitched and raw edged appliqued. The tea tags are from this morning.





Wendela Says:

Reading my Bible; “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”. I wrote this verse on old paper, and added it on an old thread spool.





Lia Says:

I had thought my life was pretty constant – wake up, work, home, housework, craft, sleep. The cycle just goes round and round every day with the little variety in my weekend activities.


Recently something happened that changed my days. The daily activities are still the same, but there’s a shadow overcastting them. Our loss, my loss especially is too fresh. My emotions seem so wrecked and sometimes I feel so very lost and helpless … all I can do is cry.


And I do. I cry every day. Manymany times a day. Remembering what was, what could have been, what I wanted so much but couldn’t have. It was the only option we had, but it didn’t make it any easier to do and bear now.


So now, my daily routine includes trying my very best to keep myself busy to deal with what happened, and to allow myself some time each day to tear.



Now it’s your turn: show us your therapeutic art around “What is your daily routine?” I urge you to give it a try. It can be any form of art as long as it speaks to you.


Leave us comments with your work so we can share in your creative therapy, too. If you don’t have a community or blog where you upload photos, you can upload them on our flickr group.



Remember, this is not a competition. If your art makes you feel even a bit better at the end, you’ve won.


Until next week, enjoy each and every moment.




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ha ha I have been reading this blog for months and I read some pretty deep stuff that at times i have found to be “too much information” so i was pleased to see the catalyst to be something i thought would be pretty mundane “routine” but no some of the people in this group manage to turn that into an opportunity to share “too much information” as well. I love the variety of artwork on this blog and will continue to follow but this really made me laugh.

Comment by lisa crofts

Great prompt! I posted my aj page on my blog:

Comment by rinda

I have my journalling typed out…hopefully I get the opportunity to complete this tomorrow 🙂

Comment by julia

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